Universal Waste

Universal waste is a category of hazardous waste that is common to many types of businesses and even households. They pose a lesser risk to people and the environment, so the "Universal Waste Rule" was enacted to make it easier for businesses to properly dispose of them (California Code of Regulations, Title 22, division 4.5, chapter 23). It is important to note that since February 2006, households must also comply with the Universal Waste Rule and properly dispose or recycle these items.

On the Sacramento State campus, departments can have universal waste picked up by calling:

Office of Environmental Health and Safety (278-6456) for Batteries (Alkaline, NiCad, Lithium-Ion) and Lamps (Fluorescent, Metal Halide)*

*Only small quantities of batteries (8 D size batteries or equivalent) should be sent through the campus mail using special envelopes available from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (278-6456).

Facilities Services for Consumer Electronic Devices (Computers,video cassette recorders, Digital video disk players/recorders, printers) and Cathode Ray Tubes (monitors, televisions).

Facilitites Services pick-up request.