Report Stormwater Pollution

Under the Sacramento State University Storm Water Management Plan, illicit discharges to the campus municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) must be identified, remediated and reported. This notification system is a method for anyone in the campus community or the community at-large to report a potential illicit discharge or a runoff of potential contaminants that could pose a hazard to campus storm water discharge to the river.

Illicit discharge is defined as any discharge to the MS4 that is not composed entirely of stormwater, except for discharges allowed under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for the local region. Below are examples of discharges that need to be reported using this form and turned in to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Sacramento State University.

  1. Sewer backups that have the potential to flow into a storm drain
  2. Illicit dumping of materials directly into a storm drain
  3. Runoff of fats/oils, chemicals or unknown material from dumpster
  4. Spill Runoff of gasoline, oils, antifreeze or unknown material from parking area that has the potential to flow into a storm drain
  5. Runoff of heavy amounts of soil or debris from construction or landscaped areas

Help us educate our campus community. Hand out a Storm Water Pollution Prevention brochure

To report illicit discharge or runoff of anything other than water into a stormdrain, Please provide the following information before submitting:


*Note* The Form will not actually be submitted until you have reviewed the information and hit the "Submit" button on the second confirmation page.