HBV Vaccination

Hepatitis B Vaccination

Hepatitis B Vaccinations are scheduled through the Medical Monitoring Program managed by EH&S.

All Category 1 and 2 Employees will be offered and encouraged to have Hepatitis B Vaccinations free of charge within 10 days of employment.

Employees who decline Hepatitis B vaccinations, leaving themselves at risk for infection, must sign a "Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination" form, if they choose not to be vaccinated annually (when re-offered to the individual). This form is co-signed by the supervisor.

Post-Exposure Evaluation and Follow-up

Employees who have had an exposure incident must receive a follow-up evaluation from the Sac State's emergency employee medical provider (currently UC Davis Medical Group during normal office hours and any emergency clinic during no-office hours or weekends). This service is provided at no cost to the employee. Evaluations must be completed within 4 hours of the incident if anti-HIV therapy is to be fully effective.

The medical provider will determine what follow-up care is necessary. This may include, but is not limited to, HBV, HCV, or HIV testing, HBV vaccinations, counseling, or drug therapy (Anti viral drugs).

Whenever possible a blood sample from the source should be brought to the emergency care facility for testing.

The incident must be documented on an "Accident Report" .

For further information

Contact EH&S at 278-6456.