Facilities Management Key Issue - Policy and Procedure

Key Issuance

1. A key requestor must be a OneCard holder or a member of an organization performing a service approved by the University.

2. The key request form must be completed online. Customer Service will not accept any handwritten forms. Once the form is complete, it should be presented to the Facilities Customer Service Center in person by the requestor. A key will not be issued to a surrogate or representative of the requestor. The requestor should also be able to verify his or her identity by producing the following:

   • For University faculty, staff and students - Sacramento State ID or One Card
   • For all others - a valid State of California driver’s license

3. The key requestor must fill out the Key Request form in its entirety. The Key Request form must be signed by an authorized representative of the key requestor’s program or department. Programs and departments should ensure that they have submitted the form with the signatures of their authorized representatives to Facilities Management (annual renewal is required).

If the key requestor is NOT a member of the campus community, then this request must be authorized by the appropriate management representative in Facilities Management.

Please note that no key requestor can approve his or her own key request. It must be approved by the employee’s authorized supervisor.

The form must also have the chart string or funding source of the key holder’s program or department. There will be no charge for receiving a key. However, there will be a charge if the key is not returned to Facilities Management when the key requestor’s term with the University has ended. Keys issued to students and part time faculty must have an expiration date.

4. If key requested is a Master Key, Submaster Key or Gate Access Card, signature approval from Dean or Vice-President with authority over the designated space is mandatory (in addition to obtaining the approving official's signature). These keys are also subject to Facilities Management approval.

5. By accepting a key, the requestor becomes a key holder and accepts full responsibility for controlling the use of the key.

6. By approving an individual as a key holder, the program or department acknowledges and accepts full liability for the cost of replacing a key and any other additional cost incurred therein.

Key Return

1. The department authorizing the key request is responsible for the return and/or the ensuing costs of keys, electronic velocity fobs and/or cards not returned due to illness, death, or administrative separation from employment.

2. Unused keys and keys received that were not issued to the key holder by the Customer Service Center should also be returned.

Safeguarding of Keys

1. By accepting the responsibility of an issued key, it is understood that keys shall not be loaned or duplicated and shall be properly safeguarded at all times.

2. Any unauthorized duplication of any University key is a violation of the State of California Penal Code section 469 and is punishable with a fine and/or imprisonment.

Lost Keys

1. The loss of a key must be reported immediately to Facilities Management (Ext 86242). The lost key is the responsibility of the key holder; any replacement cost will be borne by the key holder’s program or department.

2. Failure to report the loss of a key could lead to the program or department being held solely responsible for any costs arising from resulting losses, damages or destruction. Any key that is found after being reported lost must be returned to the Facilities Customer Service Center.

Key Replacement

Programs and departments will be held responsible for any costs that arise from key replacement and/or re-keying the area the key served and will be billed accordingly.

Below is the cost of replacing a key or re-keying the area the key served:

  • Electronic Velocity Key:  $25
  • Exterior Door Hard Key:  $50
  • Interior Door Hard Key:  $50
  • Electronic Tek Key:  $50
  • Sub Master Key:  The cost of re-keying a specific area
  • Building Master Key:  The cost of re-keying an entire building
  • Grand Master Key:  The cost of re-keying multiple buildings

Grand master keys are no longer issued. Defective, broken or worn keys will be replaced at no charge to the program or department as long as the old key is returned to Facilities Management.

Re-Keying and New Lock Installation

Facilities Management has the responsibility for security keying and lock installation. All security and lock installations shall be approved and supervised by Facilities Management.

Agreement and University Relationship

Please make the appropriate selection below to indicate your relationship with the University If you agree with the above terms: