Facilities Management Key Issue - Policy and Procedure


In accordance with the California Penal Code section 469, this policy has been established for the issuance of keys to ensure the security of the campus buildings, property and members of the community. Any key granting the holder access to University buildings, property or any member of the University community is the property of the University and the State of California. The duplication or transfer of any University key is strictly prohibited unless special dispensation is granted by the Vice President for Administration or the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management. The responsibility for safeguarding keys rests with both the individual to whom the keys are issued and the program or department that the individual represents. Any violation of this policy is a misdemeanor punishable with a fine and/or imprisonment.


Facilities Management under the leadership of the Vice President for Administration and the Associate Vice President for Facilities Management is responsible for the oversight of all University keys and their issuance.


This policy applies to any individual who is approved to hold a University key.