Facility Operations

Automotive Services performs repairs and maintenance on University carts, cars, trucks, vans, and other rolling equipment.  Additionally, Automotive Services maintains various gasoline and diesel-powered equipment, from large generators to weed eaters.

Automotive Services inspects vehicles prior to acquisition (whether leased, purchased or gifted), as well as manages off-site repairs. Automotive Services works diligently to comply with local, state and federal mandates such as air quality, smog testing, and CSU executive orders, as well as keeping abreast of the latest technology to help our campus acquire vehicles that sustainability serve our needs.

Facilities Services Trades

Lock Shop

The Facilities Management lock shop is responsible for the management of the campus master key system, key inventory, and issuance. In addition, the lock shop maintains the campus door locks, including the new electronic locks (Velocity), standard keyed locks, padlocks, and software-controlled key cabinets (Key Watcher). The lock shop removes broken keys, completes core changes, and provides lock set repairs. The lock shop handles issues related to automatic door initial response problems, completes door closure repairs, completes repairs to building exit door hardware, and conducts preventive maintenance.  

Signage – The Lock Shop is your first stop for any type of signage needs for room identification, directional or informational wayfinding, and any signage in general. All request must be submitted along with diagram containing verbiage, font type and size, sign dimensions, and color scheme and submitted through the AiM work order system.

Please Note: The Lock Shop does not oversee Key Requests. To submit a Key Request, please go to the Key Issue page.

Metal Shop

The Metal Shops primary function is supporting all sheet metal needs throughout the entire campus such as designing and building ducting, mounting brackets, ventilation systems, exhaust systems and modifying and installing railings. Our in-house staff can take care of most metal fabrication requests that do not require specialized metals such as stainless steel. Any non-structural welding can be performed by the staff based on specifications provided by the customer. 

Multi-Craft Shop

The Multi-craft Shop fulfills a duel role in maintaining and repairing basic components of all campus buildings such as foundations, walls, roofs, stairs, ceilings, floors, floor coverings, wall coverings, doors, hardware, sidewalks, streets, and auxiliary facilities or equipment. Also provides project management for small renovations and semi-large projects. Requested services not covered by Executive Order No.847 are available under a cost recovery process.

Paint Shop

With over 2 million square feet of buildings on campus, there is a lot of painting to do. The painters prime and finish offices, corridors, classrooms, and interiors of the buildings. They also paint road and parking lot striping and markings.  It is their goal to clean, protect and make everything look fresh and bright for you.

View more information regarding the Paint Shop's process for ordering painting, and the colors available.

Plumbing Shop

The plumbers replace and repair faucets, valves, water and drain lines, water heaters, sewer, storm, domestic and hot water circulating pumps, just to name some of the work they do. They also install new piping and plumbing components for remodel projects. On a regular basis, they hydro-jet sanitary and storm lines to keep them flowing utilizing an aggressive preventive maintenance program.

The plumbers are also responsible for:

  • Maintenance and replacement of sanitary and storm systems
  • Domestic water mains
  • Natural gas distribution systems
  • Fire suppression systems such as sprinklers, stand-pipes, hose cabinets, and hydrants
  • Layout, rough-in and final fixture installation of all plumbing systems
  • Maintenance and repair of all 287 restrooms on campus
  • Testing and repairing 84 backflow prevention devices

Custodial Services is responsible for cleaning activities in all general-fund supported university facilities. This professional staff maintains a safe and healthy setting for students, faculty, staff and guests in pursuit of our education mission. Typical services include cleaning, sanitizing, floor care, stocking sanitary supplies and collecting and disposing of refuse.

The Customer Service Center is the first point of contact for Facilities Management. We receive and dispatch routine and non-routine service requests keeping campus building occupants apprised of work that may affect business operations, and providing general information to the campus community and the public.

We also issue campus keys and electronic building access, estimate project costs, process work order billing, and maintain department inventory records. Our goal is to provide friendly, responsive, and efficient services via clear and timely communication with our customers.

Contact us:

Facilities Management
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-6002
Main Office: (916) 278-6242

Office Hours:
 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Customer Service Requests

Zone Management Program

Housing Facilities & Grounds provides of a broad spectrum of maintenance and custodial services to assist our student residents and summer conferencing attendees.  In addition to providing custodial service for the residential facilities, the department provides card access and room keys; electrical systems maintenance; grounds and landscape maintenance; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance; plumbing system maintenance; room and common area repairs; and project coordination and oversight.  

During low and non-occupancy periods, the department also employs contractors and and/or campus personnel to provide larger-scale services for the maintenance and repair of the Housing and Residential Life buildings.  In addition, staff perform "deep cleans" and preventative maintenance on the buildings and equipment.

If you are a resident and have an urgent need or work request that requires immediate attention, contact the Sierra Hall Office, Hall Director, or Resident Advisor.


Monday-Friday 7:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Saturday/Sunday – As needed (additional fees will be charged at overtime rates)

Customer Service: (916) 278-6242


All requests must be submitted via the Customer Service Request Form. Upon receipt of the request, the Moving Services Manager will determine if the work can be completed by in-house university movers (university expense) or through contract movers (customer expense).


Baseline Maintenance Services (Facilities Management Funded)

Baseline Maintenance Services include:

  • Removal/delivery of surplus furniture (for campus reuse or recycling)
  • Delivery of cardboard boxes (for packing office belongings only)
  • Removal of computers and other electronics to Central Receiving
  • Delivery and removal of ADA furniture for classrooms


Customer Support Services (Department Funded/Chargeback)

Customer Support Services include:

  • Department moves/Office moves.
  • Furniture rearrangement/relocation (bookcases, desks, credenzas, file cabinets, tables, etc.).
  • Disassembly and assembly of modular furniture (services to be provided at customer’s expense by contract mover).
  • Contract Movers (projects that are too large for the in-house moving staff or special circumstance projects).


Event Rentals (Tables/Chairs Only)

 For pricing, please contact the Zone Management Team or visit our page. Please note:                   

  • Quantities limited to availability.
  • All requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to event date.
  • Customer will be responsible for lost/damaged items (invoiced at current cost).
  • Additional delivery charges may apply for after-hour requests and weekend deliveries/pick-ups.
  • Tablecloths are not provided.


Submit a Moving Services Request (same as Customer Service Request Form)


Office Moving Instructions:

Cartons – Pack cartons to the top without over-packing. Auto-bottom cartons do not need to be taped. All others do. After sealing, top should be flat and firm for easy stacking.

Pack – Loose desktop and drawer items, contents of supply closets, shelves, credenzas, small bookcases, and all, EXCEPT, bottom two drawers of lateral file cabinets. If it will fit in the carton, pack it!

Do not pack – Files located in desk file drawers or credenzas (as long as they are secured tightly), machines (computers, printers, typewriters, etc.), desk pads and floor pads.

Loose Items – Seal small loose items (pamphlets, small books, pencils, pens, paper clips, rubber bands, push pins, etc.) in sturdy manila envelopes. Label envelopes and place in carton with other desk items.

Small Breakable Items – Place breakables with like-items in cartons (wrap in packing paper if needed). Cushion items with crumpled paper to ensure secure transferring.

Large Breakable Items – Items i.e. mirrors, paintings, prints, and glass shelves, should be packed by movers in special customized cartons available from the moving company.

Labeling: You will receive a labeling code from your move coordinator. Write the code in the white part of the label using a black felt-tip marker.

  • Label like items in sequence (i.e. library books could be labeled LIB 123 A, B, C, etc.)

Desks – Remove all loose items. Label desk and other furniture

File Cabinets – Standard cabinets (2-5 drawers) may remain intact. Fire-safe file cabinets (more than 2 drawers) should be packed. Lateral file cabinets must be emptied (they are not structurally sound to move while full)

Bookcases – Pack contents of all bookcases

Chairs – Label on top, rear, or base



Facilities Management is on the cutting-edge with our customer-friendly work facilitation process: the Zone Manager Program. This concept enhances Facilities Management’s function by allowing for a more direct connection with customers throughout the campus community. Each building has been assigned to one of four distinct Zones; at the head of each: a Zone Manager with comprehensive knowledge of Facilities’ operations who will now be the single and direct contact for each valued customer. The intention is to administer the benefits and accountability of a personalized experience for each customer and to provide them with easier access to all of Facilities Management’s various facets.  If you don’t know where to start, or who to call, your Zone Manager will help you!

Zone Management Program