What to Know Before You Mail

Personal mail

University Mail Services is not available for the personal mail of employees or students. This includes the sending or receiving of mail not related to the business of the University. Nor can it be used for the advertisement of programs not sponsored or approved by the University.

USPS mail boxes are located at the north and south ends of campus for the mailing of non-University related items.

Mail Preparation

Departments are responsible for preparing all of their outgoing mail, for example: 

  • Addressing
  • Wrapping
  • Inserting envelopes
  • Filling out customer mailing forms, and
  • Identifying the mail class you wish to use. 

Please follow these preparation guidelines:

  1. Do not overstuff letter size envelopes. The postage machine will not seal them and jamming may occur.
  2. Stack and rubber band all off campus mail with the flaps closed.
  3. Seal all manila clasp envelopes. Placing a piece of tape over the clasp will assure expedited processing.
  4. Always separate campus mail, foreign mail and unsealed matter from regular mail by binding with a rubber band. Avoid tossing un-banded mail into your department mail bag.
  5. Include the campus and department return address. All outgoing mail requires a return address with: California State University, Sacramento, the department name, 6000 J Street, Sacramento CA 95819 + your department's campus zip code and 8 digit postage account number. Only mail that has the University name as part of its return address will be processed by Mail Services. No other return address is acceptable.

For more information on mail preparation, view the Mail Preparation FAQ.

Mail Supplies

Mail Services provides limited supplies to campus departments, including mailing forms, Bulk Mail labels, rubber bands, Express Mail labels, and Express Mail envelopes. Please contact us at x86783 as early as possible in the planning of your project.

Forwarding Mail

Mail Services has no formal system for forwarding mail. If the individual is no longer with the University, only First Class and Priority Mail may be forwarded without payment of additional postage. Do not repackage mail for forwarding. Readdress it and write "forward" on it. Please make sure the mail is for the person, and not the position, before deciding to forward.