Department & Scholarship Cards


Please contact Sacramento State OneCard Services at 916-278-7878, or visit our office in the Bursar's Office, Lassen Hall, Room 1001.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Report lost or stolen cards immediately by loging on to your MySacState account or contacting OneCard Services by phone at 916-278-7878 or e-mail at

If your OneCard is linked to a Wells Fargo account please also contact them at 1-800-869-3557 to report your card lost or stolen.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Member FDIC.

Sample department and courtesy OneCards

Book Scholarship Cards

The Athletics and Cooper Woodson programs have cards created for their students that can be replenished each semester with funds for the students to buy their books. These cards are printed with the student’s name and sport or program on them and can be used for multiple semesters. If more funds need to be added to a card, OneCard Services just needs to be notified and the funds will be added to the cards without the student having to come back to the office.

Existing OneCard Accounts

The Honors Program, Teichert, and Summer Bridge use the OneCard as an easy way to provide funds to their students. The Honors Program and Teichert have funds placed on the cards for their students once a semester. The Summer Bridge program has funds placed on student cards weekly during their summer program that enable students to purchase their lunch on campus.

Special Program Cards

OneCard Services can create cards for special programs as well. In the past, the PIQE Program, a college preparatory program for local parents, had cards made with pictures of elementary and high school students who may attend Sacramento State in the future and presented these cards to the parent graduates of the program.

Campus Photocopy Cards

Photocopy Cards can be made for departments or for individual staff/faculty where copy funds are placed on the cards for use at photocopiers around campus.

If you are interested in creating a card for your program or if you have any questions,please contact OneCard Services at 916-278-7878.