The mission of the Sacramento State Police Department is to protect the life, property, and peace of mind of the students, faculty, staff and visitors of this university.

Our greatest asset in furtherance of this mission is our Department members who work as a combined force in collaboration with the campus community. 

Our Department adheres to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and service, understanding our collective responsibility in upholding the noble reputation of the law enforcement profession.

Our highest objective is to provide an environment free of criminality where the future leaders of our society can learn and prosper.

Vision Statement

The Sacramento State Police Department will continue to be the vanguard for the safety and security of the campus community. The quality of life on campus is attributable to the assurance the public has in the well-being of their persons and property. The Department will ensure rapid response to emergencies, enhanced communication and interaction with the campus and surrounding community, and remain sensitive to the needs of the public it serves. The department endeavors to heighten community awareness and public well-being through enhanced visibility. The Sacramento State Police Department will constantly strive to improve its service to the community through enhanced staffing, equipment, training, and facilities. The department will be in accord with the goals of Destination 2010 in this manner by making the campus a more welcoming place, creating a dynamic physical environment, and helping to develop community support.

Values Statement

Our highest priority is the protection of human life. We are committed to using all reasonable means to prevent injury to the public. Crime prevention is our principal goal. We shall vigorously pursue all offenders. We treat all members of the public with respect and dignity. We maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in all actions. We recognize that the Department’s members are its greatest asset and assume a responsibility to treat them professionally and support their professional development. We maintain open communication with the community we serve. The input of the community helps to determine police policies, priorities, and strategies. Policing strategies must preserve and advance democratic values.