What Is It?

The “Building Emergency Preparedness Program” is the campus wide program which organizes Safety Teams in each building under the direction of the designated “Building Coordinator”.  These teams are comprised of faculty, staff, and managers. They are tasked with aiding and assisting all building occupants and first responders during times of emergency or disaster.  The building teams will receive training, advice and guidance from the Sacramento State Police Department on how to safely perform their duties.  All building safety team members are working under "The Good Samaritan Doctrine" when activated by any emergency situation.

Who Is Involved?

Building Coordinators are the people designated by the University President to oversee campus buildings, organize, train and equip building teams.  Building Coordinators are Vice Presidents, Deans or individuals who have the authority to direct others and budgets to supports operations.  Due to the large number of buildings of responsibility, some building coordinators have designated other administrators as coordinators for specific buildings Each Building Coordinator needs to determine the size of their Building Safety Team by evaluating their building given the number of floors it has and how many people will potentially be in the building; generally, the more trained people on the team, the better.

Floor Marshals are staff or faculty who were assigned or volunteered to assist during emergency operations.  Several Floor Marshals are needed for each floor and are tasked with clearing floors during evacuations, directing others to safe evacuation routes, gathering information at the rally area, etc.

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