Building Emergency Action Plan

The plan is to be completed by the building coordinator/building representative responsible for each campus building.  It contains information on who in the building makes up the Building Safety Team. This includes the building emergency coordinator, contacts and floor marshals by name and office phone number.  It gives the location of emergency equipment like the fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, first aid kit and evacuation chair for the building.  It explains evacuation procedures and exit routes and also lists two outside rally areas.

The "Building Emergency Action Plans" shown below are the most up-to-date plans on file with the Sacramento State Police Department.  If you are a building coordinator/building representative, please send updates to If you do not find a plan for your building, it’s because we have not received one.  Please read the instructions to create an Emergency Action Plan and fill in a blank template provided.  Please send your plan as soon as possible with all private cellular numbers redacted.  These plans should be available to the public and updated annually and/or when major changes are made.  Building coordinators/building representatives are responsible for updating these documents: