Multi-Hazard Emergency Preparedness Plan

This plan is designed to provide information to emergency response personnel and is basically an administrative guide outlining steps for those personnel and departments contributing essential services in emergency situations.

The plan is directed toward flexibility, as the time and extent of a disaster is unpredictable. Each campus department is responsible for formulating and maintaining its own standard operating procedures in support of this plan.

The online version of the plan and its appendices do not have campus evacuation routes, emergency personnel information, or hazardous materials listings included for security and privacy reasons. The full version of the plan can be obtained from the Public Safety customer service counter.

The online Multi-Hazard Emergency Preparedness Plan is available by following the link below:

The online Multi-Hazard Emergency Preparedness Plan appendices are available by topical section below:

  1. Emergency Response Manual
  2. Executive Guide to Emergency Operations Planning
  3. CSUS Emergency Operations Plan
  4. EOC ICS Checklist
  5. Critical Incident Response Manual (not available online)
  6. Building Coordinator Emergency Operations (not available online)
  7. Services to Students With Disablilities
  8. CSUS Campus Hazardous Materials Inventory Listing (not available online)
  9. Building Coordinator Personnel (not available online)
  10. EOC Personnel - Designated Title Positions (not available online)
  11. Map of Locations of Emergency Electrical Generators (not available online)
  12. Numerical Listing of Emergency Electrical Generators (not available online)
  13. Guide to Preparing for Pandemic Flu
  14. Proclamation of a Campus State of Emergency