Field Operations

Police Officer Uniform

Officer Uniform

The Field Operations Division of the University Police Department is a full-service State police agency staffed by Sworn Officers. University Police Officers patrol the campus and surrounding area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Officers patrol on foot, bicycle, and patrol car.

The officers work 10 hour watches, 4 days a week with shifts overlapping during periods of peak activity. During special events, additional officers will be on duty augmented by officers from other University Police Departments and allied agencies in the area.

The officers are the first responders to all reports of on-campus emergencies. All officers are State certified as prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and are fully vested with statewide authority by Penal Code Section 830.2. Additionally, all officers receive training based on the National Incident Management System and the Statewide Emergency Management System to prepare them as first responders in the event of a catastrophic emergency.

Patrol officers are supplemented by the Community Service Officer Program. Community Service Officers or “CSO’s” are students primarily interested in a career in law enforcement. CSO’s work approximately 16 hours a week in different functions for the Department performing security, escort, and special event coverage in addition to providing an extra uniform presence.