About Procurement and Contracts Services

The University's Procurement & Contract Services Office provides the campus community with cost efficient and effective services for all acquisitions and contracting needs. To accomplish this, procedures have been established which provide departments a smooth flow of incoming requisitions through the procurement cycle and delivery of supplies or services to the campus.   

Ethics Statement

The following sections are overseen by Procurement and Contract Services and support the University’s critical mission

Procurement Services - responsible for the purchase of goods and services for the campus, including administration of the Procurement Card Program, Supplier Diversity Program, Strategic Sourcing Program and the Assessment Program (analysis and reporting of compliance, policy and best practices in campus purchasing activities)

Contract Services– formulates and approves various contracts and agreements related to the business operations of the campus.

Public Works - Projects which involve the erection, construction, alteration, repair or improvement of any State structure, building, road, or other improvement are considered Public Works Projects this includes maintenance.

Property Management– manages receipt and distribution of purchased goods, equipment inventory, sale and distribution of surplus campus property.

Shipping & Receiving- receives, stores and distributes Campus deliveries.  The Shipping & Receiving team strives to employ the most cost-effective, efficient and innovative methods to manage and safeguard the University’s broad array of goods and assets.

Organizational Information