Accessible Installation of Furniture

General:  The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADA AG) and California State Building Code, Title 24 require furniture installations to be accessible for individuals with disabilities. The purchase and installation of new or reconfigured furnishings that influence access, egress and/or circulation of an office, lecture room and/or labs will require review and approval by Facilities Services in order to assure a safe and code compliant environment. This review service is provided free of charge to the campus community.

 Accessibility Review and Installation Requirements:   

  • Requestors will require vendors to provide an ADA compliant layout drawing of a proposed furniture installation, prior to entering a requisition in CMS. A layout drawing must include dimensions for accessible approach, entry, egress per ADAAG ( and be certified “ADA Compliant” by the vendor.  Vendors that have questions about ADAAG compliance should contact Todd McComb at 916/278-5183 or by e-mail at, prior to submitting their certified drawing.
  • Requestors will submit the vendor’s certified drawing to Procurement & Contract Services (P&CS).  P&CS and Facility Services will review and approve the drawing for ADA compliance and determine if a building permit is necessary.  According to building code, furnishings (including partitions, desks, bookcases, file cabinets, etc.) that require any connection to an existing building structure or systems to floors, walls, electric, plumbing, etc, will require a building permit prior to installation.  If a building permit is required, requestor will be asked to submit a request for a building permit to Facility Services
  • If the vendor submits a drawing that does not meet ADAAG requirements, the vendor will be asked to re-submit an ADA compliant drawing.  However, this will delay the process, so it is important that the vendor submit a drawing that will meet certification standards the first time.  Vendors are encouraged to contact Todd McComb at 916-278-5183 or by e-mail at if they have any questions about their drawings meeting compliance standards.
  • Once the drawing is approved, the requestor will be notified with the final approval to proceed with a CMS requisition.
  • During the installation, it is the responsibility of the requesting department to have the vendor install the furnishings in conformance with the approved layout incorporating all applicable codes, regulations and requirements.  As an alternative, department may request that Facility Service provide installation by submitting a Service Request  using the following link:
  • Requestors should contact the following Facility Services representative directly for guidance on accessibility questions: Todd McComb, 916-278-5183,

 Fee for review service: NONE