Contract Services

The Contract Services Section of the Procurement and Contract Services Office provides a wide variety of services to campus departments, in agreements executed on behalf of the University. 

Contract Services Staff

Suzanne Swartz, Contract Management Specialist,
Contract Services Supervisor
(916) 278-5797

Leah J. Davis, Contract Specialist II
(916) 278-7810

Tiffany Tsang, Contract Specialist I
(916) 278-7410

Sagan Bachtold, Administrative Support Assistant II
(916) 278-5795


Contracting Authority

Contracting authority on Campus is derived from a CSU Trustees delegation to the Chancellor who delegates authority to each campus President who in turn delegates within the campus. Delegation of Authority to duly authorized Contract Services staff includes, but is not limited to Leases, MOU's, Revenue Agreements, Public Works Contracts, Student Placements and Academic Internships & Service-Learning Agreements. 

Contract Approval Policy

All Contractual agreements which would bind California State University, Sacramento must be reviewed by the Contract Services Section of Procurement and Contract Services.  This review is required regardless of monetary considerations.  Proposed contracts and/or agreements and subsequent changes to contracts and/or agreements must be submitted to Procurement & Contract Services for review and coordination of agreement approval. 

(Agreements associated with a CFS requisition/purchase order should be forwarded to the Procurement and Contract Services Staff member assigned that requisition.)

What is Contracting?

Contracting occurs whenever the University executes an agreement or contract with an entity outside to the University or a University Auxiliary Organization.

What is a Contract?

A Contract includes things as simple as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to as complex as the construction of a major facility on campus.  Examples of contracts and agreements handled by the Contract Administration Services section as follows:

  • Land and Property Lease Agreement
  • Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)
  • Revenue Agreements
  • Student Placement and Academic Internship Agreements 
  • Service Learning Agreements
  • Study Abroad Agreements
  • Construction Agreements and Construction Related Services
  • Agreements to Borrow Artwork
  • Housing Leases (Residence Hall)
  • Presidential Leases
  • License Agreements (not including software)