Independent Contract/Employee Status Determination

Requisitions submitted to Procurement Services in which the vendor is an individual must be processed as follows:

Department must complete the Independent Contract/Employee Status Determination Form and forward to the buyer handling the requisition.

Form can be found here: Employee Status Determination Form.

The buyer must then verify with payroll if the individual is a CSU employee by social security number.

Please note: If the individual is a CSU employee, the requisition cannot be processed with the individual as the vendor. We can either pay the University or the requisition can be cancelled and the request must go through Human Resources.

If the individual is not a CSU employee, a copy of the requisition and Employee Status Determination Form must be sent to Human Resources for review. Human Resources will determine if the individual should be paid via Human Resources or Procurement Services.

If it is determined that Procurement Services will handle the request, the requisition will be processed. If it must be processed by Human Resources, the requisition will need to be cancelled.

Guest Lecturers are exempt from this process as well as other one or two-day services that are not recurring throughout the year or services performed year after year by the same person.