Independent Contract/Employee Status Determination

Requisitions submitted to Procurement Services in which the vendor is an individual must be processed as follows:

Step 1

Departments must complete the “Independent Contractor Request Form” located on the Human Resources (HR) website in the “Forms” section under “Classification & Compensation”.

Form can be found here:

Step 2

Departments shall enter requisitions for requirements that involve services for Independent Contractors and/or Consultants after they receive receipt of their approved Independent Contractor Request form by HR. 

Step 3

The HR approved Independent Contractor Request form should be uploaded and attached to their requisition in CFS. 


  • Requisitions submitted without an approved HR - Independent Contractor Request form will be cancelled.
  • Guest Lecturers are exempt from this process as well as other one or two-day services that are not recurring throughout the year or services performed year after year by the same person.
  • Questions related to the Independent Contractor Request form process should be directed to HR. Departments can email the HR-Classification and Compensation Unit at: