Employment Advertising Procedures

Departments shall utilize their Procurement Card for the placement of job advertisements. Departments that do not have a Procurement Card may access the Procurement Card Program web page (below) to download the “Procurement Card Request” form.

Sacramento State University, Procurement Card Program Participant Request/Update Form

New users should review the Procurement Card Manual (available here) prior to requesting a card. The maximum expenditure per transaction on the Procurement Card is $1,000.00. Requests for exceptions for employment advertising will be handled on a case-by-case basis and should be addressed to Kim Holmberg at extension 8-7403, or via e-mail at kholmberg@csus.edu or to Rebecca Dunlop at extension 8-5795, or via e-mail at  rebecca.dunlop@csus.edu .  You are not required to enter a requisition for this service.

Use of the Procurement Card will result in the following changes in the faculty, staff, and management recruitment process: 

  • Departments will no longer need to submit requisitions through the CMS/PeopleSoft Requisition Process.
  • Departments will no longer need to submit to the Procurement Office the text of the ads that will be placed.
  • It is still necessary for departments to secure prior approval of all advertisements as follows:

    • Text for full-time faculty advertisements must be approved by the college dean.
    • Text for part-time faculty and all MPP positions must be approved by the Office of Human Resources.
    • Text for staff positions must be approved by the Office of Human Resources.

This change in procedure has been incorporated into the Guidelines for Full-Time Faculty Recruitment is available here. The Staff Employment Recruitment Process is explained here.