Procurement Card Program

SACRAMENTO STATE now offers a VISA Procurement Card program through US Bank.   The Procurement Card is an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to make low dollar amount purchases.  It makes sense to use the Procurement Card-- the fast, efficient, and inexpensive method to place small orders.

How to obtain a Procurement Card:

Instructions: If you are requesting a new Procurement Card, please print out and complete the forms below:

Request for COMMON ACCESS REQUEST SYSTEMS (CARS) CMS Financials User Access (complete and submit if you do not already have CMS Financials access)

Procurement Card Request/Update Form
(For new participants and cardholder changes)

How to document a food purchase:

Business-Related Hospitality Expense Guidelines

Using the Procurement Card for food purchases is authorized, however, per the hospitality guidelines, there is a specific way we are required to report the transaction.  A separate justification memo and a list of attendees are required.

To access other Procurement Card related forms, visit the ABA Forms Page.

For more information on the Procurement Card Program contact Program Administrator, Kim Holmberg at  extension 8-7403.