Procurement Sustainability

Procurement and Contract Services seeks to increase awareness and enable the purchases of products with a reduced or minimal environmental impact as compared to other similar products/services that serve the same purpose.

Procurement and Contract Services recognize the importance of being environmentally conscientious. We will reduce our negative impact on the environment through promoting and educating departments on the importance of selecting sustainable products and services and developing dialogue with our suppliers.

Our suppliers, in particular our participating suppliers, are encouraged to include products that promote environmentally friendly environmental stewardship in their online product catalog and faculty and staff members are enpowered to select environmentally friendly products for their purchase requirements.  Our buyers can also help with answering your questions and providing additional information.

Green Purchasing Best Practices

Faculty and staff can have a significant impact on the environment by simply selecting green products to meet their purchase requirements.  Small changes toward the selection of green products can:

  • Stimulate market demand for greener products
  • Help the University meet its environmental goals
  • Improve worker safety and health
  • Reduce health and disposal costs

Potential Benefits Of Sustainable Procurement:

  • More efficient and effective use of natural resources
  • Reducing the harmful impact of pollution and waste
  • Reducing the impact of hazardous substances of human health and the environment
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Providing strong signals tothe sustainable prioducts market

The Recycled Content Certification form is located on the ABA Forms Page.