Department Responsibilities

Vice President for Administration / University Chief Financial Officer

The University’s Vice President for Administration / Chief Financial Officer and his/her designees are responsible for the administration of this policy.

Property Survey Board (PSB)

The management of our University’s property requires the engagement of all areas of the campus. The PSB has been established to oversee the University’s state property disposition process and enforce equipment accountability. The membership consists of the following department representatives:

  • Director of Procurement and Contract Services
  • Supervisor of Property Accounting
  • GAAP Accountant
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Representative from IRT

A minimum of two members of the Board will approve all transactions. The board chair will notify the Associate Vice President for Financial Services when a department mismanages their property inventory or has excessive property loss.

Property Management Office

The accountability for all property assigned to or owned by California State University, Sacramento is the responsibility of Property Management.  Detailed reports, documentation, audit trails and transactions involving property are maintained for good stewardship and audit purposes. It is the responsibility of the Supervisor of Property Management to: ensure the proper use and maintenance of all property and equipment; promptly report any loss, damage, or misuse of property or equipment to the PSB and Public Safety; maintain current, complete, and accurate property inventory records, track the assignment of equipment within campus departments and provide copies of documents to the Accounting Services Office for all property donated, sold, recycled, cannibalized,  lost or stolen.

The Property Management Office is also responsible for:

  • Equipment tagging, tracking, and maintenance of campus property inventory records.
  • The application of the identification numbers to property; this function may be delegated to a campus department if appropriate controls are maintained. Coordination or performance of property inventory will be done at least every three years.
  • Supporting documentation for retirements and location changes is maintained with Property Management and made available to the Accounting Services as needed for reconciliation and documentation.

Accounting Services Office

Entry of capital and federal property additions, retirements, and location changes into the University Asset Management System (AMS) and auction sale financial distribution transactions to department accounts. All entries are made on a timely and regular basis to insure up-to-date inventory records.

Department Chairs, Deans, Directors, and Program Administrators

It is the responsibility of Department Chairs, Deans, Directors, and Program Administrators to control and safeguard all items of value in their charge, including tracking and accounting for certain types of property as required by this procedure. Additionally, they are responsible for insuring the immediate notification of Public Safety and the Supervisor of Property Management when property has been lost or stolen and that the procedures for disposing of state property are followed when their department has property that is not being utilized.

Department Record Keeper

Departments will designate a department record keeper(s), delegating an individual(s) responsible for property and equipment accountability. Department representatives are responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring physical location of property along with changes in location, transfer requests, property turn in, salvage, and cannibalization.
  • Reporting all property that is missing, lost, or stolen.
  • Promptly reporting any loss, damage or misuse of property or equipment to Property Management
  • Performing a yearly inventory of Capital equipment in conjunction with the Property Management.
  • In conjunction with the Property Management, conduct a monitoring cycle of all Property on a perpetual basis, this will have no one cycle last longer than three years.  Once the cycle is complete a new cycle will begin.  

Campus Employees

  • Each member of the campus community has a general obligation to safeguard and make appropriate use of University property and equipment. This obligation includes but is not limited to:
  • Exercising reasonable care in equipment use to prevent damage and maintain in good condition.
  • Taking reasonable security precautions to discourage loss, theft, or misuse of property.
  • Reporting lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise impaired property/equipment to appropriate parties.

See University Roles and Responsibilities for more details.