Property Tagging

Equipment purchase requests must be submitted on a requisition, via CFS, using the appropriate equipment-related account.

Equipment will be identified and tagged as CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, SACRAMENTO property after Receiving has processed the PO in CFS. Authorized department personnel should immediately submit a Stock Received Report (SRR) to Receiving if the equipment was received directly to your campus department.

Property personnel will screen items requiring tagging that meet the equipment criteria outlined below. See Property Definitions for additional asset details.

Property Type Inventory Record
Financial Record
Capitalized Property (excluding modular furniture) x x x x
Non Capitalized Property x x x
Firearms x x x x
Vehicles x x x x
Sensitive Property (campus defined) x x x
Federal Property - Capitalized (Per ICSUAM 11005.00) x x x x
Federal Property Non-Captialized and Sensitive (per ICSUAM 11005.300) x x x
Federal Property - Supplies with a total aggregate residual value of $5,000 or greater (Per Section 313/314 of 2 CFR 200) x x x
  1. Inventory Record: Refers to WASP Asset Management Database.
  2. Financial Record: Refers to Asset Management (AM) in CFS.
  3. Tagged: Tagged and recorded by Property Management.
  4. Inventoried: Physical inventory conducted on a 3 year cycle conducted by Property Management in conjunction with Department. Federal Property is inventoried every 2 years.