Relocate, Transfer & Loan Property

It is the responsibility of the department to notify Property Management of all relocations of equipment items as follows:

Relocation within a Department

When the only change is the physical location of equipment within a department, an Intercampus transfer of Equipment form must be completed and signed by the department property coordinator. A brief description of the item, the University number and the new location should be furnished. Forward the completed form to Property Management.

Relocation of Entire Department

After department relocates, the department should conduct a complete physical inventory of equipment and report it to Property Management.

Inter-Departmental Transfers

When equipment is transferred between departments, an “Intercampus Transfer of Equipment” form must be completed and signed by the appropriate Dean, Director or Chair of the department transferring the equipment. This form must then be forwarded to the department that has accepted the equipment. This department must record the new location(s) of the equipment. The Dean, Director or Chair of the receiving department must also sign the form. The completed form must be forwarded to the Property Management. Property Management will then update campus inventory records to reflect the transfer.

Loans of University Equipment from One Department to Another

If equipment is loaned to another department for a short period, a memorandum of the transaction should be filed in the lending department.

Loans of University Equipment to External Organizations, Employees, or Other Individuals

Any loan of University equipment to an external organization or to an individual, including employees (e.g. for use off-campus), must have prior approval of the appropriate department Chair or Director and the University Property Management. All loaned equipment shall be listed on an Off Campus Use of Equipment Agreement form with a copy to the Property Management. When the equipment is returned, the lending department must notify the Property Management. Generally, University equipment is loaned to an employee exclusively for university business.

Inter-Campus Loans of Equipment

Inter-campus loans of equipment require prior approval of the appropriate department chair or director. Loans of one year or more are recorded on inventory records; inter-campus loans should be documented on the Off Campus Use of Equipment Agreement.