Surplus Office Furniture Warehouse

The Surplus Office Furniture Warehouse is located on Arboretum Way across the street from Property & Receiving Services.

Departments that have a requirement for reuse of furniture can view by calling the Property Department between the hours of 8:30 to 4:30 at ext. 87203 or 86015. The warehouse is not staffed and you will need to call for an appointment prior to coming to the warehouse.

Department Surplus – If your department has surplus office furniture (Desk, office supplies, table, chair, file cabinet, book shelf, etc.) that you no longer want, please fill out a Facilities work order to have your items moved to the Surplus Office Furniture Warehouse.

All furniture moves require a Facilities work order request to have the Movers relocate your item(s). Any item over 30 days in the Warehouse that has not had a Facilities work order entered will be untagged and put back to surplus.