Surplus Property Auction

Intercampus Surplus Property - Departments

On campus departments can view available surplus property prior to the public auction for four (4) days prior to the items being made available to the public. There are no financial transactions with department transfers. If you would like to register for your department follow the link below using Registration Code: MAID 30 CLOD 39 to create an account with your Sacramento State University email address and view items that can be transferred to your department.,ca/register/internal

Surplus Property Public Auction - Personal

After 4 days surplus items not acquired by other campus departments are listed for public sale through Public Surplus. Campus employees can create a personal account using their personal email (do not use your work email or any email ending in to purchase items that are for public sale. All bidding and payments are made on the Public Surplus website at No personal payments will be made to the campus.

If you have any questions please contact Property Management at ext. 87203 or 86015.

The links below will direct you to the Sacramento States private 4 day auction (if currently running) and the public auction is available using the Public Surplus Web Page.

Public Surplus

Sacramento State Surplus Auction

Register to become part of Public Surplus

Looking for a specific Public Surplus item


Proceeds from sales will be distributed as follows:

50% to Property & Receiving Services for administration of sale.If specialized equipment is sold, the remaining 50% will be allocated to the department that originally purchased the equipment. If classroom furniture/equipment is sold then the remaining 50% should be used by Space Management towards the purchase of new classroom furniture.

Proceeds less than $50.00 will stay with Property & Receiving Services per Accounting Services request.