University Department Roles & Responsibilities

University Departments

Each University department has the primary responsibility for the custody, care, maintenance, and control of property assigned to their respective area. University department roles and responsibilities are defined as follows.

University Employees

University employees have an obligation to safeguard University property. This obligation includes, but is not limited to;

  • Using property for University purposes only and not removing property from campus except for official University business and with prior written approval as per Property Management Office (PMO) procedures.
  • Using and maintaining property in an appropriate manner. Property may not be sold, traded, thrown away or disposed of in any manner without the prior written authorization of the PMO.
  • Returning property to the University prior to separation from the University.
  • Taking reasonable security precautions to discourage loss, theft, or misuse of property.
  • Reporting lost or stolen property to Public Safety and the PMO immediately.

Department Record Keeper (DRK)

Everyone is responsible for university assets. Areas need to designate a record keeper to be in charge of managing and controlling a division, college, program center, or department’s assets in conjunction with PMO.

The DRK responsibilities

  • Maintaining the following property records for the department – Equipment Check-Out, Equipment Turn-in / Transfer Request, and Equipment Loss reports.
  • Ensure property is used for university purposes only.
  • Property is not returned to vendor as a trade-in without coordination with PMO and Procurement Services departments.
  • Coordinating the tagging of inventory that is delivered directly to the campus department and ensuring that all property is appropriately tagged.
  • Ensuring that all property is properly maintained and secured.
  • Coordinating and conducting the Department Confirmation of Inventory, including the verification of all assets, resolving any discrepancies on the inventory listing and submitting the approved confirmation of inventory to the PMO by the scheduled deadline.
  • Coordinating the Physical Inventory process with the PMO, signing-off on any required Physical Inventory Certification forms and providing all loan of property records to the PMO upon request;
  • Coordinating internal/external audits with the PMO.
  • Processing and maintaining records for the loan of property (department property check-out log and off-campus loan forms), including the signing-off on department shared loans (log), verifying the due date of off-campus loans (form) and acknowledging the return of all loaned property.
  • Ensuring all loaned property is returned on or before the due date and confirming all loaned property is returned in good working order and condition.
  • Obsolete and surplus property is turned into PMO for disposal or redistribution

Appropriate Administrator

The Appropriate Administrator is the primary contact and approver for department property related transactions with the PMO and is responsible for.

  • Ensuring that all property is properly tagged, maintained and secured.
  • Reviewing and approving the Confirmation of Inventory.
  • Designating a DRK and an alternate DRK.
  • Notifying PMO within 10 business days when a new DRK or alternate DRK is assigned.
  • Reviewing the campus department Equipment Check-Out forms and custody forms to confirm all property has been returned prior to signing-off on the Clearance Certificate - recommended by the PMO.
  • Identifying any additional department approvals required within their area prior to division approval.

 Associate Vice President/Dean

The Associate Vice President / Dean is responsible for maintaining proper accountability and control of all property within their jurisdiction and for ensuring assigned property is being used in the best interest of the University and the department. This position is responsible for.

  • Approving all “off-campus” loans of property where the property is used for other than business travel (i.e. home use).

Project Objectives

PMO will begin a new process for inventory review and accountability.

  • Determine and appoint a DRK for each Program Center / Department.
  • Provide departments with a list of known Department ID’s.
  • Provide departments with a list of known equipment (both capital and non-capital)
    • Appointed DRK is to identify and add equipment that is not listed along with removing equipment that has been retired or disposed.
    • Equipment Definitions
      • Capital Asset - $5,000.00 and above (kept on record in CFS and WASP).
      • Non-Capital Asset - $2,500.00 to $4,999.99 (kept on record in WASP).
      • Sensitive Equipment - $500.00 to $2,500.00 with confidential memory storage or high theft sensitivity (kept on record in WASP).
      • Federal Equipment - equipment transferred from UEI and UFSS (kept on record in CFS and WASP).

Why is this needed?

The University is responsible for proper record keeping, maintenance, and safekeeping of state and federal equipment in its possession. It helps to ensure the university:

  • In compliance with CSU and State guidelines.
  • In compliance with Federal Guidelines, especially when related to sponsored research
  • Maintains accurate and timely records
  • Maximizes use of resources
  • Has proper stewardship of assets and supplies

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