State Records Center

Program Information

The Department of General Services is statutorily required by Government Code 14767 to provide a facility for the storage, processing, and servicing of records. Although agencies are not currently required to use the SRC, it has been providing state agencies with low-cost storage of semi-active and inactive records for nearly thirty years.

The SRC has evolved into a full service facility, which handles accessions, disposals, requests on a 24-hour turn around basis, rush requests, re-files and interfiles for low and semi-active records, and a vital records vault.  

Capacity of the State Records Center (SRC)

The State Records Center is located in West Sacramento in two buildings. Storage capacity at its 3240 Industrial Blvd. location is 691,844 cubic feet. The locations at 1501 Cebrian Street, has 366,156 cubic feet of storage. The total combined storage capacity is 1,058,000 cubic feet, making California's records center the second largest in the nation, second only to the Federal government.  

For the State Record Center Information and Services, please contact the University Records Management Coordinator at 916-278-6312.