Campus Distribution

Campus distributions are a great way to get your message into the hands of faculty, staff and administrators at Sacramento State University. This service is available to university departments, bona fide faculty/staff/student organizations, and university auxiliaries (as authorized by USPS Title 39 §320.4).

Print is a tangible media that people enjoy holding in their hands, delivering a feeling of substance that electronic media does not provide. Printed matter is easily accessed, trusted and persuasive. Use campus distributions to ensure the attention your information deserves.

It is easy to arrange a campus distribution. Complete a Reprographics Work Order form, indicating in the box on the right side which of several categories you want to include in your distribution. Click here to view the categories and counts for each type of distribution.

Updates: Help us keep the campus distribution counts and administrator names current. For each of the categories below, search or scroll down to locate your department mail stop. The administration list includes the names of MPP, Program Director, Associate Dean and Department Chair contacts for your mail stop. The faculty/staff list includes the count only for each category. Then click here to submit any deletions, changes or additions to your department's information. The lists will be updated on or soon after the first of each month.

Please note: To avoid a common cause of duplicate mailings, do not include MPP, Program Directors, Associate Deans or Department Chairs in your faculty or staff counts.

MPP / Program Directors / Associate Deans / Department Chairs

Faculty / Staff