About Risk Management

The risk manager has responsibility for administration of the risk management program, including but not limited to the following:

Liability Program - Claims evaluation, investigation and management; Driving on University Business program, driver authorization, field trip safety and risk management; business and contract consultation, vendor insurance evaluation and approval; accident investigations, subrogation for the University for vehicle damage to University property, and risk consultation to specialty areas of the campus, such as Intercollegiate Athletics, Student Housing, Facilities Management, Procurement and Contracts, faculty issues (in-class and field trips), Public Affairs, Public Safety, Student Health Center, Club Sports, special student insurance programs; and interface with auxiliary organizations.

Property Insurance - Building inspections and consulting for risk mitigation measures, and leadership responsibility in the mitigation and restoration of major incidents, such as floods, fires and water intrusion incidents.

State Vehicle Insurance

Student Travel Accident Insurance

Special Events Insurance  - Special event insurance coverage for third-party events on University property.

Inland Marine Insurance - Coverage for fine arts exhibitions and high-value equipment.

Represent the University - Alternate member, CSURMA Board of Directors

Representation on University committees - Sustainability committee, and the pandemic preparedness working group

Organizational Information