Driving on University Business

What is "Driving on University Business?"

Driving on University Business means "only when driven in the performance of, or necessary to, or in the course of, the duties of University employment'' according to the California State University’s Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines.

Who is affected?

Everyone who drives on University business; whether operating a University, state, or privately owned vehicle; or if you are driving a rental vehicle for going to a meeting; or any motorized or self-propelled equipment, including lawn mowers and golf carts; or as a driver on an academic field trip.

If you are unsure if this applies to you, feel free to give us a call.

Authorized Drivers must:

  •     Be a University employee or registered volunteer
  •     Have a valid state drivers license
  •     Have and maintain a good and safe driving record
  •     Be authorized by Program Center Manager (dean, director, AVP, etc…)
  •     Take the free defensive driver course if driving more than once a month or 12 times a year
  •     Be registered with Risk Management by turning in the proper paperwork (see below)

Authorization forms to drive on University Business

To register with Risk Management, you must fill out, sign, and complete the required forms below. The New Driver Authorization Process packets will contain all the necessary information you need. All forms are to be turned in to Risk Management (zip: 6145).

New Driver Authorization Process Packet (University Employee - Faculty/Staff/Student Employees)

All employees of the University (faculty, staff, student assistant, casual workers, etc...) must complete an authorization process packet in order to drive on University business. The packet contains a checklist along with essential forms that needs to be completed.

New Driver Authorization Packet (Student/Volunteer)

All non-employee students or volunteers of the University must completed an authorization process packet in order to drive on University business. This packet contains a checklist along with essential forms that needs to be completed in order to be registered as a volunteer to drive on University business.

All individual forms from both packets can be found below:


Vehicle Operation Authorization (VOA) Application

All drivers MUST complete this form in order to drive on university business. This authorization form is to be completed and signed by the appropriate people. This form authorizes the driver to drive on university business. The original is to be sent to Risk Management.

Form STD 261 (Permission to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business)

Through this form, management authorizes you to use your privately owned vehicle on University business. This form is to be reviewed and recertified with the appropriate signatures every year. You may re-use the same form for seven consecutive years. Send Risk Management a copy of this form every year and keep the original.

Volunteer Identification Form (PDF)

Students can drive on university business as volunteers. Register as a volunteer by completing this form and sending Human Resources the original. Send Risk Management a copy along with a copy of your driver’s license.

Defensive Driver Training

Those who drive on University business at least once a month or 12 times a year are required to take a Defensive Driver Training Course every four years. It is an online course that takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half to complete. If you drive less than once a month (or 12 times a year), then you do not need to take the training. However, you can take this course even if it's not required.

Inner Campus Pathways Pedestrian Safety Program

Vehicle operators whose business takes them on the inner campus pathways must abide by the pedestrian safety rules shown at Keeping Pedestrians Safe on Inner Campus Pathways (PDF).

Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Information on insurance coverage for University owned, privately owned, or rental vehicles can be found at our Vechicle Damage Protection webpage.

Car Rentals on State/University Business

See Accounts Payable's Travel Procedure and Regulations for how to rent from an approved car rental agency.

Driving Guidelines for Field Trip Drivers

All drivers for field trips should read this guideline for Safe Driving on Academic Field Trips (PDF).

15 Passenger Van use Prohibition

All 15 passenger vans may not be used, leased, borrowed, purchased, or rented for use on University business. See Sacramento State's University Policy.

Emergency Roadside Service

Offered by the Office of Fleet & Asset Management (OFAM), this 24 hour state wide roadside service is only provided for state/University owned vehicles (will say "CA Exempt" on license plate). Breakdowns on public streets, on a highway, or in a public parking garage in California are eligible to use this service. For more information, click on “Emergency Roadside Service” on OFAM's Fleet Operations' webpage.

The CHP Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) offers some roadside assistance on freeways only, for ALL vehicles. The purpose of this service is to get you and your vehicle off the shoulder and out of the way of a potentially deadly outcome. It’s a free service and only available in certain areas of California. They offer a gallon of gas, jump starts, refill of radiator, tape hoses, and change flats. If the vehicle cannot get going, then they can tow you to a CHP-approved location, or notify an auto club or towing service for you. The phone number to determine if your location qualifies and to request service is 1-800-TELLCHP or 1-800-835-5247.

Vehicle Accidents

Information about how to report vehicle accidents while driving on University business or while using a department-owned vehicle can be found on our Reporting Vehicle Accident webpage.