Special Event Insurance

Risk Management desires to assist event holders and sponsors in responding to the University's insurance and indemnification requirements. Toward that end, the Risk Management Office offers a Special Event Insurance Program that event sponsors can purchase through Risk Management. This coverage is available only for events that will be held on campus. Risk Management facilitates the arrangement, but coverage and underwriting rules are solely that of the private insurance company. Organizations are not required to use this insurance facility. They may arrange for and provide their own insurance coverage from any insurer that meets the CSU's requirements (AM Best Rated A-: VII or better).

It is recognized that not every person or organization has their own liability coverage. This optional liability coverage program is designed to protect the event holder/sonsor and the University from liabilities which arise during events that are held on campus. For more information on purchasing this coverage, contact Risk Management at (916) 278-7233.

General Liabilty Coverage

$1,000,000    Each Occurrence
$2,000,000    General Aggregate Limit
$1,000,000    Products (Food Only) Aggregate Limit

Exclusions (Partial List):

Owned Real and Personal Property | Pyrotechnics | Mechanical Amusement Devices | Rap or Heavy Metal, Hip Hop Concerts (including dances which play this) | Terrorist Exclusion. Collapse of Tents, Punitive Damages, Workers' Compensation, Auto Liability. Other exclusions also apply.

Specific Events Not Covered: Circuses; Motorized Sporting Equipment; Boxing, Wrestling, Hockey or any physical contact sport including Martial Arts, Football or Rugby; Rodeos and Roping Events, Aircraft and Balloon Events; Professional Sporting Activities; Pyrotechnics of any kind; .

Coverage Terms (Partial List):

Coverage is on an "Occurrence Form."

Participants Not Excluded. This insurance does not apply to "bodily injury" to any person while practicing for or participating in any sports, athletic contest or exhibition.

Deductible: None

Covered Events Types (Partial List):

Auto Shows, Proms, Dances, Dog Shows, Parades, Ethnic Celebrations, Horse Shows (no Rodeos), Weddings and Wedding Receptions.


Rates vary depending upon type of event and number of participants. Rates can range from $111 to over $1,000.

Coverage Requests:

The University's Risk Management Office is authorized by the insurer, to directly issue coverage certificates. All coverage requests need to be submitted to Risk Management at least two weeks prior to the event.

Special Event Insurance Request Form

Insurance Company:

The insurer, Evanston Insurance, is rated at least A:XIII according to the AM Best's Rating Guide. According to the California Department of Insurance, the company is an eligible surplus lines insurer in the State of California.