Event Center
Important Notice!

New Student Fee to Build an Event Center

A record turnout of Sacramento State students voted this week on the adoption of a fee to build and maintain a new Event Center on campus. By a 79.6 percent to 20.4 percent vote, the proposed $219-per-semester fee increase was rejected. About 7,000 votes were cast on December 2nd and 3rd, or approximately 25 percent of the student body head count. (...read more here)

The proposed facility will be a modern, multi-use facility that will provide space for increased programming such as: educational or career-related sessions, ceremonies, community lectures, special events, athletic or recreational programming and entertainment. It will be located at the south end of campus in the space currently occupied by parking lot 6, between the University Union and parking structure III.

The fee would be implemented as follows:

  • The proposed fee of up to $219 per semester would include planning, design, construction, programming and long-term maintenance costs; fee to begin Fall 2015.
  • Every academic year the fee will be increased to reflect inflation, not to exceed the Bay Area Consumer Price Index (CPI).  



The Event Center will draw speakers and/or educational sessions such as political debates and TED Talks. Many speakers want to present on university campuses. However, the current venues are far too small to accommodate highly acclaimed and/or popular speakers. The University has had discussions about bringing Michelle Obama to TED Talks on campus. Additionally, presidential debates are most frequently hosted on university campuses.

If the Event Center Fee passes, Sac State will have the 6th highest campus mandatory fees of all the CSUs (based on 2014-15 figures) Currently, Sac State has the 10th highest campus mandatory fees in the CSU. With the addition of the Event Center fee, we will be the 6th highest of all the CSU campuses. This was calculated from 2014-15 figures and does not account for other CSU campus fees or increases currently being proposed. Link to Tuition Fee and Campus Mandatory Fee-All Campuses

The Event Center will create more student jobs on campus. An event center will need to employ students for a variety of jobs with a wide range of hours; including evenings and weekends. This will be desirable for all students; including students who need "after-hours" on-campus jobs.

The Event Center will increase the cost per term by 6% for most students. Registration fees will increase by 6% for most students. (Undergraduates with more than 6 units). That percentage will go up or down based on class level and "part-time" or "Full-time" enrollment. While financial aid will increase its cost of attendance to help accommodate that fee increase, it is not a dollar for dollar supplement.

The Event Center would strengthen community ties by hosting community events. Sacramento State strives to be THE regional campus. Hosting communtiy events at the Event Center will bring regional leaders onto campus; leveraging the campus experience to forge strong relationships that may benefit the campus.

The Event Center fee will increase annually.       The Event Center fee proposal includes an annual inflationary Bay Area Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase to be calculated annually. While you may agree to pay $219/semester now, you will have an average of 1.5% to 2% increase annually.

The Event Center will be a modern, visually appealing building. The artist's renderings related to the proposed campus master plan shows a vibrant, modern building that will add an additional attractive landmark to campus.

Students will pay for an Event Center now; but, may not be here to enjoy it. With an expected open date of 2018, many students will have paid to build the building but may not be here to enjoy all of the programming the Event Center would offer.

The Event Center will better serve the needs of Hornet Athletic teams who utilize the main gym (The Nest at Colbert Court). The Nest at Colbert Court (main gym in Yosemite Hall) is one of the smallest in all of NCAA's Division I sports, holding just about 1,200. Women's Gymnastics, Women's Volleyball and Men's & Women's Basketball have a hard time recruiting when the facility is "smaller than my high school gym." Sacramento State is also unable to host conference playoffs or other large tournaments with such a small venue.

Why build an Event Center? There is a bigger need for academic buildings. Sacramento State is looking to the students to fund new buildings. Academic buildings can only be funded by State revenue bonds and CSU campuses are at the mercy of the State to allocate those bonds. Conversely, State funds cannot currently be used to build non-academic buildings. Sacramento State should not build any buildings until it secures State funding and builds academic buildings.

The Event Center will better serve our athletic clubs and organizations. Hornet Sports Clubs are very competitive and would benefit from a larger venue. Teams such as Men's Volleyball and the Sac State Wrestling Club may be able to utilize the Event Center for tournaments. Additionally, recreational sports could benefit from a larger venue than The WELL can currently provide.

With the addition of the Event Center, traffic in the south of campus will increase when events are scheduled. Even with traffic controls, the south end of campus is impacted by traffic; and, this is especially true on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:00a.m. and 3:00p.m.. If events are scheduled during those, or other peak times, traffic will be highly impacted.

The Event Center’s location will enhance the social, recreational and athletic hub of the south end of campus. With the University Union to the north and The WELL and stadium to the west, the Event Center would enhance the energetic south end of campus. It will become another, much needed, fun and educational place to gather.

Parking around the Event Center will be impacted when events are scheduled. Like the traffic, proximity parking around the Event Center will be impacted. This would cause students to park farther out in the lots or at another end of campus from their destination.

The Event Center will be able to attract more popular entertainers. Sac State does not have the capacity to attract a more popular caliber of entertainment. In recent years, FUN and Fall Out Boy were scheduled to perform BEFORE they had their first hit. When they arrived, the Ballroom met capacity within a few days of ticket sales and many students were not able to enjoy the concerts. A larger venue would allow the University to book acts that are currently popular.

The Event Center will take away parking spaces. The Event Center is proposed to "sit on" parking lot 6 (between parking structure III and the University Union.) Even though there is a parking structure slated for parking lot 1 on the north of campus to accommodate where new buildings are built, it would not be completed before construction began on the Event Center. During and after constructions, proximity parking will be impacted.

The Event Center will be the only mid-sized venue in the Sacramento area. Drawing speakers and entertainers will bring positive attention to the campus. For some events, Sleep Train Arena (and the future downtown arena) is far too large and Memorial Auditorium is too small. With an expected capacity of about 5,000 seats, the Event Center would meet a market need for speakers, performances and concerts.

With the addition of the Event Center, lines at food service in the University Union will be longer at high volume times. Because the south side of campus is the social hub of campus, the University Union food services are already being impacted at peak times. Increased activities in the area will likely increase lines at food service.

The Event Center will enhance Sac State’s image in the Sacramento region and attract alumni back to campus. The Event Center will be a place that would attract area residents to campus. Approximately 1 in 20 greater Sacramento residents attended Sac State and would be able to return to campus to enjoy the Event Center. Alumni engagement benefits students by increasing donation funding for programs, scholarships and activities and providing increased networking opportunities. Sacramento State's image will expand as it becomes the "go-to" location for education, arts and entertainment.

The Event Center may adversely impact the usage of smaller campus venues. While this is not expected to happen based on current need, there is a concern that the University Union would be impacted by the lack of usage.

The Event Center will increase capacity for existing events such as the Career Fair, Orientation and ceremonies. Recruitment and career enhancing events that are currently squeezed into the University Union will have room to grow; creating more opportunities for students. Graduation may move back to campus instead of taking place at Sleep Train Arena.

The Event Center will increase the availability of space in the University Union. Student clubs and organizations have a difficult time booking space in the University Union for their events. With the addition of an event center, the bookings typically in the Ballroom could move over and potentially create a domino effect to allow the Ballroom and Redwood Room to be utilized by student groups.