Final Exam Information

The final exam grid is posted on the Sacramento State Portal and is available to students, staff and faculty. The grid outlines the day and time patterns for final exams and summarizes the final exam policy.
The final exam schedule identifying facility assignments for fall and spring class sections is generated by Space Management and is maintained in Astra Schedule. Space Management distributes Astra Schedule Final Exam Schedule reports to academic colleges and departments each November for fall terms and each April for spring terms. Some final examination schedule information is displayed in CMS, yet that information may be incomplete as final exam exceptions are only scheduled in Astra Schedule. Students shall verify their final examination schedules with their faculty and/or departments.

Final exam exception requests (room changes, additions, special requests, requests for Instructional computer labs) are processed by Space Management after the final exam schedule is complete, usually the month prior to the actual exams. For fall, the final exam schedule is typically complete by mid-November; for spring, the final exam schedule is typically complete by mid-April.

Academic departments will receive email notification from Space Management on how and when to request a final exam exception each semester at the same time the final exam schedule is complete. Final exam exception correspondence shall be sent directly to Deneilia Pappas. Space request forms for final exams are not required or accepted.

All final exam change requests, additional final exam requests, and special final exam requests are processed on a first come, first served basis. Faculty shall request final exam changes through their department office rather than direct contact with Space Management. Final exam exception requests to change the final exam schedule to another day and time are subject to review and approval by Academic Affairs. Final exam exceptions are scheduled as events and maintained only in Astra Schedule. The following information is required to request a final exam exception:

  • Description/Reason for Final Exam Exception Request
  • Course Subject
  • Course ID
  • Section Number
  • Day and Time
  • Current Facility Assignment
  • Actual Enrollment
Requests to reserve facilities for events during finals week are scheduled after the final exam schedule is complete.  These facility requests will be kept on file until the appropriate time for scheduling them which is approximately a month prior to final exams.