Rental Fees for Use of University Facilities by External Groups

Facilities rental fees for use of University facilities by external groups are listed below. Sacramento State is not permitted by law (California Constitution, Article 16, Section 6 Public Finance) to gift facilities. Per CSU Executive Order 1000, any costs incurred by the University shall be recovered. Charges in addition to rental fees will be assessed to cover all University services, equipment use, event managers and other staff costs, plus damages incurred.

Facilities meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and related Federal and State laws. Customer is responsible for additional accommodation. Required deposit varies per event. Sacramento State reserves the right to adjust fees as required. For your convenience, you may download a PDF version of rental fees to save or print for future use.

Athletic Facilities

Daily Use Fee

Gymnasiums (Base rate is for 8 hours or less)

Specialized Facilities

$100 then + $25/hour

North Gym: YSM 171 (No bleachers)

$300 then +25/hour

South Gym: YSM 100 (1,030 bleacher seats)

$600 then + 50/hour

YSM Locker Rooms/Showers (includes bathrooms)

$75 each

Racquetball Courts (Tournament only, 6 courts)


Tennis Courts (Tournaments only, 1- court maximum)
Note: No lights - 14 courts available


Practice Field or Practice Track (No lights)


Intramural Fields (No lights)
Note: 4 fields, scheduled as a group of 4

$300 ($75 per field)

Track (Inside Hornet Stadium)
(Charges are for setup to vacate time and do not include additional stadium charges.)

$100 (1st 2 hours) then + $25/hour

Hornet Stadium (Base rate is for 8 hours or less)
(Capacity 20,000)

For non-profit sports events: football, track & field, decathlons

$900-$3,000 as quoted then + $50/hour

*Stadium rental fees for special events as quoted. Above rates do not apply.

*Stadium rental fee may include: bleachers, press box, ticket booths, stadium field, restrooms, and enclosed areas. Cost does NOT include: track, lining, cleanup, PA system, scoreboard/clock, attendants, event manager, elevator operators, police/parking, stadium lighting, and electrical access or any other services or equipment.

Swimming Pool (Base rate is for 8 hours or less)

$300 then + $25/hour


Daily Use Fee

Theatres (Base rate is for 8 hours or less)

University Theatre (SHS 113, capacity 415)

$400 then + $50/hour

Playwrights Theatre (SHS 101, capacity 150-200)

$200 then + $25/hour

Studio Theatre (STH1, capacity 60)

$100 then + $25/hour

Outdoor Theatre (outdoor cement platform, no outside lights)

$100 then + $25/hour

Music Recital Hall (CPS 142A, capacity 334)

$400 then + $50/hour

Choral Rehearsal Room (CPS 151, capacity 175)

$200 then + $25/hour

Band Rehearsal Room (CPS 143, capacity 140)

$100 then + $25/hour

Classrooms & Specialized Rooms

Daily Use Fee

Lecture and Seminar Rooms (capacity 15-214)

Lecture rooms at 100+ capacity and Specialized Rooms (including training rooms) are $100 per day.

*Instructional labs, galleries, museums and similar special facilities are not typically available to rent.



Outdoor Areas

Daily Use Fee

Grassy Areas, Quads, other outdoor spaces

Parking Lots
Note: University Transportation and Parking Services (UTAPS) calculates a parking lot usage fee based on the number of parking spaces used in a parking lot for an event.


See Note under Parking Lots

Restrooms to accommodate outdoor events, if applicable.
Note: Customers may be required to provide portables for outdoor events.

$25 each

Rental Fees Approved per President’s memo 6/2/92.

Contact the Office of Space Management directly at (916) 278-6507 or for further information and to request facilites for events.