Would your group like to learn more about sustainable practices at Sacramento State? Come on a tour with us! Tours are open to all ages and groups. In addition, each tour is customizable to meet your learning objective(s).

Sustainability Campus Tour

Photo of Solar PanelsJoin us on this exciting comprehensive campus tour with over 20 points of interest exploring what makes Sac State one of the most sustainable campuses in the world! Highlights of the tour include how our state of the art Wellness Athletic Facility proudly measures up to its impressive LEED Gold rating with cool features like our sunflower seed wall panels. Learn how our storm water management system captures 3.2 million gallons of rain water, helping to replenish our groundwater supply. Discover how our Library receives more than 40% of its energy "off-the-grid". This 45 minute guided walking tour will not disappoint!

Additional Options

The BAC Yard

Photo of Composting Interns

The BAC Yard (Bioconversion and Agricultural Collaborative) is home to campus composting and sustainable agriculture – a true campus as a living lab environment. This tour explores our hugely unique on-site composting facility where we create our own nutrient-rich compost from campus food and green waste, reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The tour highlights unique urban agricultural designs such as wicking beds, which prevent overwatering of plants using a passive watering system.

Aquaponics at STORC

Photo of Rob and Student at STORC

Our Sustainable Technology Optimization Research Center (STORC) boasts one of the most sustainable and water-efficient urban food production methods: Aquaponics! Come learn how fish and agriculture work together in this impressive food production system.

CapRadio's Garden

Photo of Capital Public Radio's Garden

Capital Public Radio's garden is the first NPR-affiliated garden in the nation. With on-site composting, and bee hives, the garden works to spread the word about and help with food insecurity and literacy in Sacramento.

University Arboretum

Photo of University Arboretum sign

Our University Arboretum is a treasured facet at Sacramento State, being home to over 1200 trees. Come learn about our campus' own urban forest located near the J Street entrance.

Further Information

Please email us at for further information and if you would like to schedule a tour with us!