Composting Interns

As a BAC Yard Intern, you will assist Sac State Sustainability with the Bioconversion and Agricultural Collaborative (BAC Yard). The BAC Yard helps our campus reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions through composting and sustainable agriculture methods. You would assist with meeting our 100% organic waste diversion goal. The internship will include a variety of tasks including, but not limited to; organic waste collection from campus community gardens and restaurants, hands on composting at the campus composting facility and organic waste weighing and tracking. The right person must be able to lift up to 50 pounds and have a valid California driver’s license. The internship will teach students about the basic composting processes, sustainable agriculture, and how organic waste is managed in a sustainable way within the University setting. 

Compost Before and After

Help Sac State close the loop by turning organic waste into nutrient rich soil.

Work in progress.

We are currently looking for projects in the areas of waste, water, energy and carbon reduction. Please contact us if you have ideas or interest in any of these areas!

Example of Past Projects:

Infrared (IR) Faucet Study

In 2015, a Sac State Sustainability student intern assisted in an experiment and compiled a report to test if automatic water faucets actually conserve water. The study found that using infrared faucets result in a reduction of approximately 54% of water use with a .35 aerator compared to manual faucets using .5 aerators.   Retro-fits throughout campus are under discussion.  This is an excellent example of a student intern-led project using the campus as a learning environment to gain useful insight toward a tangible sustainable change on campus.

For more information about the study: Sac State IR Study

IR Faucet Photo

Contact Information For Internships:

Please send resume, area(s) of interest, hours of availability, and any questions to Sac State Sustainability: