Sac State Department Visitor Parking

The following options are available for your campus visitors. For event parking, view the Event Parking FAQ. For Vendors and Contractors, view Vendor/Construction Parking.

Provide the following information to your guest to help navigate and park on campus.

A Sac State parking permit is required to be displayed while parked on campus. To purchase a $7 daily (or $4 two-hour) parking permit:

  • Sign up for a PayByPhone account and download the app. When you arrive on campus, enter location number "5115" into the app to pay your parking fee.
  • When you arrive on campus, pay with cash or credit at any permit machine located in all student parking lots/structures; view the campus map for locations.

Your parking permit is valid in student parking spaces. The closest parking to the (event location) is (nearest student parking lot/structure). Please view driving to campus and campus map for directions. A printable campus map is also available.

Visit the UTAPS office to purchase daily ‘scratcher’ permits in advance using cash, check, credit card or department purchase form (expenditure transfer). These are one-day use permits that may be purchased in bulk and never expire. Daily scratchers have the following distribution options:

  • Hand out; most departments keep a small supply on hand for drop-in visitors.
  • Mail.
  • Information booth pickup; drop off the permits and a completed Daily Scratcher Drop-off form to an information booth attendant.

You may request a ‘Goldenrod’ permit using the visitor parking module in CMS.

Request access to the visitor parking module in CMS by submitting a CARS request for authorization as a “SAC_VPD_APPROVER” for your department. Then, read the Visitor Parking User Guide for instructions on how to submit a request.

Goldenrod permits have the following distribution options:

  • Instruct your visitor to pick up at information booth 1.
  • Instruct your visitor to pick up at information booth 2.
  • Instruct your visitor to pick up at the UTAPS office at Folsom Hall.
  • Mail to any campus ZIP and distribute the permit yourself (hand out, snail mail, etc.).

Goldenrod permits have the following payment options:

  • $4 Two-hour permit charged to a speedcode
  • $7 Daily permit charged to a speedcode
  • $15 weekly permit charged to a speedcode
  • Waived-fee visitor permit with no charge (see criteria below)

Only individuals visiting the campus for the purpose of transacting state business with the campus are eligible for temporary waived-fee parking permits. All of the following are required for approval:

  • The request must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance.
  • The request must include their full (first and last) name.
  • The request must include a start time for their visit.
  • The request must be for one day. Anyone on campus more than one day must pay parking fees or apply for a volunteer permit.
  • The visitor is not an enrolled Sac State student.
  • The visitor is not a Sac State faculty or staff (active or retired).
  • The visitor is not compensated in any way for their time on campus.
  • The visitor is not a contractor, consultant, or vendor.
  • The visitor is not attending a class, training, workshop, conference, or camp.

Anyone not meeting all the criteria above must pay parking fees. UTAPS may require official documentation proving the above criteria are met.

Examples of visitors who qualify for waived-fee visitor permits:

  • Guest speakers participating in academic activities
  • New Sac State faculty/staff attending employment orientation
  • Representatives of the press visiting for Sac State media coverage
  • Active Sac State donors