How to Pay a Citation

Parking Citations

The recipient of a citation has 21 calendar days from the citation date to pay or appeal a citation (CVC40215). If payment or an appeal is not received within 21 calendar days, a reminder notice of delinquent parking violation will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. There are an additional 14 calendar days from the date of the notice to pay or appeal the citation. Failure to pay or appeal the citation by the 14th calendar day after the date of the reminder notice may result in the following actions:

  • Forfeit of all rights to an appeal of the citation
  • A late fee may be added to the cost (penalty) of the citation
  • A hold may be placed on the registered owner's vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles preventing registration renewal until all outstanding citation and late fees are paid in full
  • A hold may be placed on the Sacramento State student's academic records and class registration
  • The recipient of a citation may be responsible for any collection costs related to collecting the debt
  • Multiple unpaid citations may result in the immobilization or towing and impounding of the vehicle at owners expense

To Pay a Citation

  1. Online: Log on to UTAPS' Online Parking Services and select the "Pay Citation" link.
  2. Via Mail: Make check or money order payable to Sacramento State and mail payment to:

    Sacramento State
    6000 J Street
    Sacramento, CA 95819-6076

    To ensure proper credit, include the citation number and the vehicle license plate number on the front of the payment. Ensure that the return address is legible, in case we need to contact the citation holder concerning any questions regarding the payment. Allow time for delivery of all mailed payments. Do not send cash.
  3. At UTAPS office: Accepted forms of payment are cash, check (with name and address imprinted), money orders, Discover, Mastercard, VISA, OneCard. Large quantities of coin must be in coin wrappers with campus ID number and/or driver's license number written on the outside of the wrapper(s), i.e. more than 50 cents in pennies, $2 in nickels, $5 in dimes, $10 in quarters, $10 in half dollars, $25 in small dollar coins.

Citation payments are posted on the date received.  Any academic holds will be released overnight.  It is the citation recipient’s responsibility to ensure that payment is received by the due date. 

Parking citation payment plans are available.  Contact us for details at

Updated: June, 2018