Transportation & Parking Sustainability

In its 20012 State of the Air report, the American Lung Association listed Sacramento 6th in the list of 25 most ozone-polluted cities in the United States. In this regard, Sacramento's air is worse than Dallas, TX (12), New York, NY (15), Philadelphia, PA (16) and Pittsburgh, PA (20). At UTAPS, we are working to do our part to lift our city out of the 25 most ozone-polluted cities list. Sacramento State was among 60 area employers the federal Environmental Protection Agency listed as a Best Workplace for Commuters in 2005 and again in 2006. The employers were recognized for their extraordinary efforts to improve the quality of life in our region, reduce area traffic and protect the environment by making it possible for their employees to use good commuting practices. Sacramento State was recognized for the following efforts in alternative transportation

  • Hornet Express Shuttle
    • Operates 6 buses on three fixed routes.
    • All buses are fueled with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
    • CNG vehicles emit 95% less pollution (depending on the pollutant) than a gasoline or diesel fueled vehicle.
    • Natural gas is almost always significantly less expensive than petroleum, which means reduced fuel costs for Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) operators.
  • Sacramento Regional Transit (RT) bus/light rail commuter pass subsidy.
    • An RT Basic Monthly Pass is $100.00.
    • Employees at Sacramento State pay $80.00/year for the same service.
    • Students at Sacramento State pay $35.00/year for the same service.
  • FREE Guaranteed Ride Home program for employees through the Sacramento Transportation Management Association (SacTMA).
  • Being located near bus/light rail routes as well as bicycle/pedestrian paths.
  • Having accommodations for bicyclists, such as a staffed bike compound, bike racks located throughout campus and rentable bike lockers (in conjunction with Peak Adventures).
  • Preferential, covered carpool parking.

Carpools at Sac State

F/S Carpools Student Carpools TOTAL CARPOOLS Number of Employees Number of Students TOTAL PEOPLE
Fall '04 10 221 231 19 452 471
Spr. '05 3 212 215 7 437 444
Fall '05 12 243 255 24 504 528
Spr. '06 1 227 228 2 463 465
Fall '06 3 224 227 7 464 471
Spr. '07 0 193 193 0 394 394

Updated: August, 2012