ABA Initiatives

Current Initiatives

Finish in Four

President Robert S. Nelsen joined Sacramento State in July 2015 after the retirement of President Gonzalez. Nelsen left little time before taking serious challenges head on, including the graduation rate of Sac State students.

President Nelsen has challenged students to commit to 15 units per semester, in order to reach 120 units, the graduation required minimum, within four years. Several resources have been developed to assist in this goal, inlcuding the Finish in Four website as well as Tips for Success page.

Finish in Four has become a rallying cry and unifying goal for ABA by aligned itself to support the President's latest initiative. Several offices have been instrumental in developing new tools to help students stay on track, including the KEYS Toolbox. Part of the Student Success & Completion Initiative and Finish in Four campaign, the KEYS Toolbox is an integrated suite of tools including the newest – Smart Planner – which automates course selections, makes planning ahead a breeze and provides real-time progress dashboards to help first-year, current and transfer student students stay on track and graduate on time.


ABA takes sustainability seriously. Long-standing operational practices  are in place for recycling, energy conservation, environmental health and safety, water and waste management, purchasing and transportation, planning for new construction and building renewal. In fact, Sac State newest facilities, the WELL and the American River Courtyard, have earned LEED* Gold status based their energy efficient design and use of sustainable building materials.

ABA’s commitment to sustainability has resulted in reduced impacts, millions of dollars in savings, and recognition in the community and across the state. The division is especially pleased of being named home of the Smart Grid project, in partnership with SMUD. The project will include installation of a new HVAC control system, electronic metering, switches to reroute power during outages, and plug-in-hybrid electrical vehicle (PHEV) charging stations.

Read VP and CFO Mike Lee's message on sustainability

*Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Past Initiatives

Redefine the Possible

ABA is developing goals to support the University's new initiative - "Redefine the Possible." Announced by President Gonzalez in January 2012, "Redefine the Possible" is based on recommendations from Sacramento State faculty, staff and students, as well as input from community members. The initiative focuses on progress, innovation and the marshaling of intellectual resources to meet the needs of current and future students.

The new initiative aligns with a set of values that define a university for the 21st century:

  • Excellent and Accessible
  • Agile and Efficient
  • Modern and Attractive
  • A Source of Pride for the Region and Beyond

With primary responsibility for the University's facilities, grounds, and capital planning and construction, ABA will play a key role in creating the modern and attractive environment envisioned by the initiative. ABA's administrative, business and financial services, safety services and logistical functions, will focus on excellence, accessibility and efficiency.

"Redefine the Possible" follows "Destination 2010," a highly successful initiative that resulted in such notable achievements as the creation of a General Education Honors Program, an Educational Leadership doctorate, additional modernized classrooms and a new, award-winning recreation and wellness facility, The WELL.

Destination 2010

Launched in 2004, Destination 2010 was an ambitious, comprehensive university initiative focused on creating excellent academic programs, new student facilities and a more welcoming campus culture and environment. Destination 2010 aimed to solidify Sacramento State as a vital resource to the community and as the choice for the region's students and employers.

The Destination 2010 initiative had three major goals, to:

  1. Build a Welcoming Campus
  2. Create a Dynamic Physical Environment
  3. Develop Community Support

The University is still celebrating the accomplishments and successes of the Destination 2010 initiative. ABA's role in the Destination 2010 initiative resulted in many improvements for the campus community. For more information about these accomplishments and successes, view the links below: