About Vice President Operations

Vice President Operations provides support to enhance, facilitate and inform the decision making process of the VP/CFO and his executive team.  Vice President Operations staff execute policy decisions and revisions, provide leadership and direction for the University Records Management Program, provide management and coordination of University Committee appointment process, represent the VP/CFO on various University committees, oversee the approval process of non-state capital projects policies, cultivate relationships with external entities to assist the VP/CFO in developing a wide range of personal contacts with counterparts both on-and-off campus with the purpose of facilitating and complementing the VP/CFO's administrative and managerial efforts while meeting the University's goal of developing community support, and provide support for the VP/CFO's special projects and initiatives.

The VP/CFO's area of responsibility encompasses two major program centers: Business Affairs and Facilities Services.  Business Affairs consists of Administrative Operations, Budget Planning and Administration, Business and Administrative Services, Financial Services, Public Safety and Risk Management Services.  Facilities Services consists of Utilities and Facility Services, Housing Facilities, Facility Operations, Facilities Planning and Construction, and Administrative Services.  The Administrative Operations unit serves as the VP/CFO's liaison to other ABA units.

The Vice President for Administration, Jonathan Bowman, reports directly to the University President and is the senior administrator responsible for the division of Administration and Business Affairs (ABA).

Organizational Information: