ABA Related University Committees

The committees listed below are all advisory to the President unless noted with an *. 

  • Campus Planning Council

    The University entrusts campus physical planning to the Campus Planning Council (CPC). The CPC reviews and recommends policies and proposals affecting the University’s physical environment to the President. The CPC is chaired by the Vice President for Administration/Chief Financial Officer. Membership of the CPC shall be comprised of divisional Vice Presidents, as voting members. Other members may be added as non-voting members.

  • Executive Safety Committee (ESC)

    The Committee provides the President timely information, advice, and recommendations for action on significant campus Environment Health Safety, and Security matters.

  • Instructionally Related Activities 

    The Committee acts as the advising body to the President for the Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) student fee allocation. The IRA fees are paid by students to provide support for essential educational experiences and activities that aid and supplement the fundamental educational mission of the University.

  • Minor Design Change Committee

    The Committee reviews and recommends the use and management of space on campus and the consideration of future design changes such as the addition of outdoor improvements to campus grounds.

  • Student Fee Advisory Committee

    The Committee reviews Category II and III fee proposals, and the annual audit of all fees.  The Committee evaluates all existing fees annually, provides a detailed review of selected fees for possible consolidation or elimination.

  • Transportation Advisory Committee*

    The Committee addresses issues related to campus transportation matters.  The Committee makes recommendations to the Vice President for Administration/CFO on issues related to parking, traffic management, shuttle services and alternative transportation.

  • University Sustainability Committee

    The Committee assesses current sustainability practices for incorporation of best technology; recommends new methods/techniques for incorporating sustainability into operational activities and facilities design; partners with the community we serve; and identifies and tracks critical performance indicators to keep sustainability practices and strategies on course.