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ABA's Thank-You Blog Continues Success

Earlier this year, we asked everyone to help support our ABA Thank-You Blog when we promoted it on the ABA Homepage. This was an opportunity for anyone to recognize someone that they felt deserved public recognition.

A thank-you may seem like a simple act, but simple acts can often have the biggest impact. We have already received 15 thank-yous in 2013 so far. Let's keep it up!

Visit the ABA Thank-You Blog today to submit your own thank-you! Below are excerpts from the thank-yous we have received thus far:


To: Angel Thayer, April 5, 2013

"Thank you Angel for all your research to put the union release time process into effect. Your diligence and expertise has enabled the university to recover funds where it had not been able to do so in the past. This is especially important during these tough economic times. Thank you, Angel!"

From: Stacy Hayano


To: Elena Compo, April 4, 2013

"Elena transferred out of our office years ago, but continues to serve as a valued resource. When she first transferred we frequently asked for her advice and she patiently answered, even though she had many new duties. Nowadays, she makes sure all budget data sent to us from ABA is organized exactly the way we need it. Her efficiency saves us lots of time. Thanks Elena!"

From: BPA Staff


To: Doug Powers & Moving Services, March 19, 2013

"Doug, The Sustainability Team would just like to offer our sincere appreciation to you and the Movers for helping to make Recyclemania such a rousing success! Having all those receptacles there made a huge impact and really drove home the message of recycling! Thank you!"

From: Joey Martinez


To Daryn Ockey, Match 19, 2013

"Daryn, Thank you for your support of Mulching Mania! It was because of your help that we were even able to hold the event and we appreciate it very much! Also, thank you for your continued support of the Sustainability Team and sustainable events. It means a lot!"

From: The Sustainability Team


To: Matthew Mason, February 27, 2013

"Thank you Matt for taking the time to answer my questions about the electric cart that I 'acquired' when I accepted my new OneCard duties. I also appreciate that you took the time to explain what I needed to know but wouldn't have thought to ask. That is a great example of good customer service."

From: Elena Compo


To: Karen Robinson, February 27, 2013

"I would like to thank Karen for taking the time to create 58 invoice and direct payment examples for the entire accounts payable office to use. She has also taken the initiative to create other documents that our area has needed for a while. She has been a life saver for me many times when I needed help and she just knew what I needed and took charge. Thank you, Karen for being there for me and the rest of our office."

From: Susan Johnson


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