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In April, ABA's Reprographics team was recognized by the Association of College & University Printers (ACUP) for their outstanding work in handling an accelerated work order.

According to the ACUP, the Accelerated Service Award is given to the in-plant that best successfully meets an extreme production deadline. In this case, Reprographics was tasked with producing an additional 44 binders for a client, each with separate tabs, covers, inserts, black and white printing, etc., on top of the 107 binders they had already produced - all within a critically short timeframe.

The Reprographics print shop is known to produce not only outstanding work, but to perform on-demand, often given short notice. Below is an more.

Fresh Takes

In a special feature for this edition of the newsletter, ABA FOCUS presents a few of the newest staff in ABA's family and their first impressions of ABA and Sac State. We call these ABA Fresh Takes.

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ABA News

In June, Sacramento State hosted the 2014 United States of America Track and Field Trials (USATF). Many have fond memories of Sac State hosting the U.S. Olympic Trials in 2000 and 2004. Bringing more.

earth day 4

Green News

Sac State celebrated Earth Day with a series of events in mid-April, beginning with Sac State Earth Day on Thursday the 17th, and ending with the second annual Mulching Mania event on Friday the 18th.

Activities focused on student outreach to more


Message from the Vice President

Summer is a busy time for ABA departments and units, but I hope you had the opportunity to take a vacation or spend time simply relaxing with family and friends. In ABA, we use the summer break to perform some of the University’s most important more



Staff Spotlight

In each issue, the FOCUS Newsletter spotlights an ABA staff member whose work deserves mention. Recently, our spotlight explores ideas around "redefinition," asking how staff professionals have grown in their careers while working in more.


Tech Tips

Tech Tips

The following suggestions are intended to help ABA staff develop, implement and follow a digital filing system. Think of organizing files on your computer in the same way you might manage paper files - by topic, with clearly labeled names. Read more.


Summer Fun

Summer is often a time when people plan fun family vacations or getaways. The FOCUS has given several ABA staff the opportunity to share their own plans and perspectives on this more.

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