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    In each issue of the FOCUS newsletter, we try to find unique ways to feature fellow ABA staff. In this issue, we reached out to multiple offices to ask, what are your summer plans?


QUESTION: What are your summer plans?

Nathan Bagwill and Family
Nathan Bagwill and his family are going to

Nathan Bagwill, Administrative Analyst,
Budget Planning and Administration

"This year I'm going with my family and my wife's family to Disneyland. We have two kids – my daughter Lainey is eight and my son Ethan is two."

"I just want to see my children's faces light up and I'll probably be following them around from ride to ride. My children are quite adventurous and in particular my son fancies himself a 'cowboy' so I'll be keenly interested to see how my little cowboy does on the rides."

"I've never taken my kids to Disneyland before and I suspect it will be fun watching their little imaginations run wild."


Engraved Stone
Engraved headstone for Reina Borden, mother-in-
law of Nancy McCarty

Nancy McCarty, Student Aid Accountant, Accounting Services

"My husband and I are going to Roatan for a week. Roatan is an island off the coast of Honduras. It is about 37 miles long and 5 miles across at the widest point."

"We are going because we will be burying my mother-in-law's ashes in the family plot. My mother-in-law, Reina Borden, was the oldest of 12 children. Her parents came to the island in the 1920's from England. They were Christian Missionaries."

"My mother-in-law was also a proud CSUS graduate. Her headstone has been engraved with the Sacramento State logo. Although we are going for a sad occasion, we are hoping to have fun too."


Nooria Kakar

Nooria Kakkar, outside the Public Safety building.
Nooria plans to pursue her law degree this summer.

Nooria Kakar, Administrative Analyst Specialist, Public Safety

"This summer I will start my 4th and final year of law school.  This year will be extremely difficult as I have to study for my regular course as well as start preparing for the Bar Exam in February or July 2012."

"My ultimate goal in terms of education has always been to go to law school. Three years ago, I decided to jump in and pursue my dream because waiting for a perfect time was no longer an option. I have three kids. Dedicating the time between work, family and school has been difficult to say the least."

"I love to learn. If I didn’t have responsibilities, I would probably be a student most of my life.  I hope to find a position on campus where I can apply my experience and degree.  Today, attorneys are needed in every facet of the University. I am confident I will be able to apply my skills."

Gina Lombardo and Mike Keating
Gina Lombardo and her fiancé Mike Keating plan to wed July 23, 2011.

Gina Lombardo, Director, UTAPS

"I am getting married July 23rd; we wanted a summer wedding so the weather would be nice.

"Mike and I chose South Lake Tahoe, with a huge cabin that holds 20 people where our whole wedding party and guests will be staying and celebrating with us. We love Tahoe and thought it would be a nice location for our friends and family to visit."

"Mike just moved here from Idaho. We are actually childhood friends and neighbors from Delaware, and our parents are still good friends. We recently reconnected and he relocated to Sacramento. He just landed a job teaching math at Sacred Heart Catholic School."

Joseph Lum
Joseph Lum is visiting his home state of Hawaii.

Joseph Lum, Customer Service Associate, Facilities Services

"My wife, my youngest daughter, and I are going to visit my oldest daughter in Hawaii in September. She is a student at the University of Hawaii and plays on a soccer scholarship."

"I was born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I moved to California in 1989 on a job transfer.

"We will be attending her soccer matches, spending quality time with family and friends, and going to the beach every day to do some surfing, stand up paddling, and boogie boarding on the beaches of Lanikai and Kailua."


Victor Takahashi
Victor Takahashi has a passion for the outdoors,
and loves to explore many of our State and
National Parks.

Victor Takahashi, Director of Facilities, Planning & Construction Services, Facilities Services

"I plan to take a trip this summer to Western Idaho. My two major destinations will be Sawthooth National Recreation Area and Hells Canyon National Recreation Area."

"I have not been to Western Idaho, but Sawtooth and Hells Canyon are the two largest parks in the area. Nearly every National or State Park is preserved for a reason. There usually is some natural or historical significance."

"I enjoy exploring the outdoors. I like to take day hikes that show the best the park has to offer. I take my time, absorb the scenery, take tons of pictures, and enjoy the wildlife."