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ABA Says Thank-You

ABA hosts a Thank You Blog on its website to make it easy for staff to acknowledge support from colleagues and to recognize their work publicly.

Don't know what to say? You don't need to be elaborate - just a simple "thank you," an explanation of what was done and how much you appreciate it, is all that's needed.

In ABA, no Thank You goes unnoticed!



To: Jayme Hunter (8/23/2013)
I would like to thank Jayme for being absolutely wonderful! She is always ready to help out me, or anyone else in the Parking Office, whether they are faculty, staff or students. Jayme is the definition of a team player and lends her assistance and knowledge to her co-workers on a daily basis. Thank you Jayme. I don't know what we would do without you! -Jesseca Sanchez

To: Kimberly Donnaville; Llamas-McKaughan; (8/20/2013)
Kimberly and Priscilla, Thank you for being so patient with me! Coming back to the University after being away so long caught me off guard. You both have helped me so much! Thanks for making the transition easier -Annette Karle

To: Facilities Grounds Department (8/16/2013)
The Facilities Grounds Department deserves high praise for the outstanding job on the design and installation of new/upgraded landscaping on campus - all of it is beautiful. It is not easy to perform your normal daily duties and be involved in the extensive work that has been performed over the last six months or so, and still keep the campus grounds looking great. They deserve a Standing Ovation for their hard work. -Stephen Scalley

To: Financial Services Teams & Staff - Accounting Services, Accounts Payable & Travel, Procurement Services, Student Financial Services (8/16/2013)
Staff and Managers in Financial Services Areas: Great job for another successful Year-End close! -Priscilla Llamas-McKaughan

To: Andrew Stiffler (8/16/2013)
I would like to give my endless THANKS to Andrew for being a continual source of information, support and having a "Can Do" attitude about all the challenges we send his way! He has done a phenomenal job on the ABA webpages as our liaison with IRT, answering our many questions, providing options for changes and making excellent suggestions for improvements to our pages! Andrew has excellent skills and abilities that are a great advantage to ABA! He is a true strength for our quality improvement! -Priscilla

To: Michelle Bianco (8/15/2013)
Michelle, Thank you your extra effort during the absence of Chris Wessendorf (Buyer II). While Chris was out on extended medical leave, your contribution at our busiest time of year was a benefit to both our department and the campus community. Your willingness to go above and beyond did not go unnoticed. I truly appreciate your cooperation. -Dale Clack

To: Leah David (8/15/2013)
Leah, Thank you for all your hard work during the absence of Chris Wessendorf (Buyer II). Your willingness to pitch in and provide assistance while he was out on extended medical leave at our busiest time of year was a huge benefit to our department and the campus community. Your hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed and I truly appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile. -Dale Clack

To: Kristina Cullen (8/15/2013)
I just wanted to say thank you for your tireless efforts in making sure our campus' elevators are safe. It seems like a task with a lot of ups and downs (pun intended), but it's easy to see that all the work you're doing is making our campus that much safer. I appreciate all your efforts! -Joey Martinez

To: Doug Powers, Tony Mesa, Robert Daclan, Dale Knorr (8/15/13)
I just want to say thank you to all of you for helping to move so many heavy concrete trashcans around campus that will now be converted to recycle cans! You guys worked hard and the end result is that Sac State is a more sustainable campus for it! You guys rock! -Joey Martinez

To: Lauren Garrett (8/15/13)
I've worked alongside Lauren for 2 years now, recently I've become really impressed with her positive attitude and work ethic. As our most junior member, she often inherits duties which can be less than interesting but I have never heard her utter a word of complaint. She also is an absolute machine in terms of cranking out work, including breaking our speed record for processing LCD. Lauren is a great coworker and I'm proud she is a member of our deparment! -Norman Kwong

To: Stephen Scalley (8/7/13)
Thanks to Stephen Scalley for taking ownership of the landscaping around Sequoia Hall. Facilities Services re-prioritized the Sequoia and campus-wide landscaping issues because of you. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The new landscaping look around campus has been noticed by many. We are getting kudos from the campus community because of it. You should know that we started it because of you. Thank you very much. -Bena Arao

To: Andrew Stiffler & Sarah Whyte (7/24/13)
I'd like to send a special Thank You to Andrew Stiffler & Sarah Whyte for all their hard work and persistence with revamping the Reprographics & Mail Services websites. They look fabulous! We really appreciate all your hard work! -Laura Lockett

To: Dave Heaphy, Brendan Barckley, Israel Vargas, Paul Skrinie, Thelma Matthews, Victor Vinson, Rajinder Dosanjh (6/26/13)
I would like to thank you all for getting your timesheet in earlier than usual so I can take my vacation without worrying about being able to submit payroll on time! I would also like to thank you for getting your staff's timesheets to me sooner than the deadline as well. It is very much appreciated! -Suzanne Bracamonte

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