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Administration & Business Affairs

2014/2015 Team Award

Nomination Form


Nomination Deadline: Friday, October 24, 2014


The ABA Team Award provides ABA managers with an opportunity to recognize a team for contributions made toward ABA and University goals during the year. Awards will be presented annually, to one or more teams. Teams may be within one of the ABA families (listed below) or from a combination of the families.

  • Administrative Operations / Auditing Services
  • Budget Planning & Administration
  • Business and Administrative Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Financial Services
  • Public Safety
  • Risk Management Services

Each ABA Management Council member may nominate one team for award, where a member or members of the team are from his/her family. The Vice President/CFO will select the finalists in consultation with family heads.

Award Criteria:  To qualify, a team must include at least three ABA staff professionals in its membership. Focus of the team should be on accomplishment of a common assignment, project, process/service improvement or ABA goal. Manager should be able to describe (tangible or measurable) results. Functional or cross-functional teams are eligible.

List each team member, with family and unit name. Nominator should consider the entire breadth of the team, and ensure that all members are listed before submitting the nomination.

Describe the team effort and explain how this team meets the criteria. Address the common purpose or goal, process or processes contributing to success, and outcome or results. To support your nomination, you may include specific examples of methods and tools used, data collected, and benefits derived, such as "lessons learned."

Nominator Information