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Welcome to Sacramento State! This page is designed to introduce you to our General Education (GE) and Graduation Requirements (GR). The Sacramento State General Education Program is designed to give you a holistic view, to introduce you to a wide variety of subjects, concepts, and ideals. Your degree is comprised of GE, GR and major courses. Sometimes, electives and/or minors can be used to help you earn the minimum units required for your degree.

Did you know one course can be used to satisfy four requirements? We know about these courses and much more. Our General Education/Graduation Requirements worksheets are a great place to start identifying which requirements you have completed and what is still outstanding. Here is the definitive guide for our Fall 2018 Freshmen class, and here is the GE/GR worksheet for all other students. Now that you’re a Sac State student, there is a lot to know and understand. Don’t worry - we are here to help you!

Stop by the Academic Advising Center today to meet with an Academic Advisor who can help you maximize the courses you need to take.



General Education/Graduation Requirements Worksheets (to be completed with an Academic Advisor)

GE/GR Worksheet for incoming first-year students (Fall 2018 Freshmen)

GE/GR Worksheet for all other students (information about transferrable courses)

Peer & Academic Resource Center (PARC) (central hub for multi-subject peer tutoring)