Undeclared/Expressed Interest Advising

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At Sacramento State, we take pride in the seven academic colleges that offer 58 undergraduate majors, 41 graduate degrees, six post-baccalaureate certificates and two doctoral degrees . In some areas, you have the option of designing your own major with faculty approval. At the  Academic Advising Center , we can help you make a good choice from a wealth of major offerings. The primary goal of the Undeclared/EI Advising program is to assist 2nd Year/Sophomore students with major and career exploration to ensure a timely declaration of major.

STEP 1.  Participate in the College 2 Career Readiness Program

STEP 2.  Research undergraduate majors/minors and career possibilities using the  Sacramento State Catalog

TIP: Consider using General Education (GE) courses to explore majors. You will find some introductory major courses in GE areas A through E. You may also want to consider the following non-GE exploratory courses: NSM 88: Exploring Health Careers, NSM 96: Introduction to Health Careers Seminar, PSYC 4: Navigating Psychology: The Major and Careers, RPTA 1: Orientation to Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration and SWRK 95: Introduction to Social Work.

You can also play a fun round of "CSUS Undeclared Jeopardy" to learn more about several academic majors here at Sac State! (may not be compatible with some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer)

STEP 3.  Visit the Career Center to understand the relationship between specific majors and careers, as well as how to find jobs, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities.

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Are You Interested in an Impacted Major?

Major/Program Impaction is when the number of applications from fully-eligible students to a designated major far exceeds the number of spaces available in that major. You may be given the designation of Expressed Interest (EI) until you are formally accepted into the program by the major department.

  • EI = Undeclared

Three very important steps to consider when pursuing an Impacted Major/Program:

STEP 1.  Seek advising in the Academic Advising Center early and often.

STEP 2.  To apply to an Impacted Major/Program you:

  • Must successfully complete specific pre-requisite courses or their equivalents
    • Assist.org will provide you with course equivalencies if you plan to take or have taken the pre-requisites at a community college
  • Must meet the minimum GPA and complete unit requirements
    • Meeting the minimum GPA does not guarantee admissions to an impacted program
    • Exceeding the minimum GPA requirement is highly recommended

STEP 3.  Submit a supplemental application

  • Visit department website for program information, important dates, and deadlines

Utilize On-Campus Resources to be Successful

Faculty Student Mentor Program (College of Health & Human Services)

Contact the ASI Director of Undeclared Students to learn more about The Undeclared Student Club!

ASI Director of Undeclared Students at asiunddirector@csus.edu
(916) 278-6784
Follow them on Facebook: Sac State ASI Director

For Additional Support and Guidance Contact:

Hebe Mares, Coordinator of Undeclared and Expressed Interest (EI) Advising
Academic Advising Center (Lassen Hall 1013)