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Will I be dropped from a class if I stop attending?

No. It is the student’s responsibility to drop. Students who fail to officially drop a class may receive a “F” or “WU” grade - both of which carry zero grade points and will lower the GPA.

How do I drop a class?

  • First 2 weeks - During the Fall and Spring semesters you can add and drop classes using MySacState until the end of the second week of the semester.
  • Weeks 3-6 - During this period students must describe the seriousness of the circumstances that necessitate dropping and get the approval of the instructor and department chair on a Drop Petition. Most departments require verifying documents, such as a letter from a doctor or supervisor. In weeks 3 & 4, drop forms are turned in to the department office and no grade is given. In weeks 5 & 6, forms are turned in to the Office of the University Registrar and “W” grades are assigned.
  • Week 7 through the last day of classes - It is more difficult to drop classes after the sixth week. The drop petition requires signatures from the instructor, the department chair, and the dean of the college which offers the class. Students are required to have a letter from a doctor or supervisor stating that a medical or work-related circumstances are beyond the control of the student. Turn in forms to the Office of the University Registrar; a “W” grade will be assigned.
  • Finals Week - No drops allowed.

How is dropping a class different from withdrawing?

Individual classes are dropped. Withdrawals involve the removal of all classes from a given semester. See Withdrawal form for detailed information on withdrawing: https://www.csus.edu/registrar/forms/.

What is a WU grade and how do I get it? Is that the same as a W grade?

A ‘WU’ is an unofficial withdrawal from a course.  A ‘WU’ acts as an F in calculating your GPA.  A ‘W’ is not the same as a ‘WU’.  A ‘W’, withdrawal, indicates an official drop from the course after the fourth week of the semester.  A ‘W’ is not calculated in your GPA. 

Can I take a semester off?

A) First semester students must contact Admissions & Outreach at Lassen 1102.

B) Continuing students can take one semester off and maintain student status. Any student not enrolled for one full year (two semesters) must reapply for admission.